10 Offbeat Places To Visit In Goa To Make Your Trip Even More Trippy

Gone are the days when Goa was considered an off the beaten path destination. During peak season, it’s a mix of tourists, from foreign hippies looking for a conscience to Indians on a family tour who are part of the crowd. That said, you don’t have to wait for the season to start to visit Goa. There are many experiences that the hippie haven offers to everyone, regardless of the seasons. And here are some offbeat things to do in Goa that will take the trip to new levels of fun.

1. Island hopping

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Grab a bike and take a few ferry rides to get from one languid island to another where you can enjoy beautiful meadows, baked treats, and hearty chats with the locals.

2. Stay at Amaral’s Goa-Portuguese house in Aldona

This manor house is about 500 years old but has been beautifully restored by the Amaral family. Now, it is a family home that gives the traveler more than a taste of a languid dream. The couple that runs the place; Roberto and Raquel are the ultimate specimen of humans – cheerful, welcoming and full of stories about Goa and their home. Source: themoonstone.wordpress.com

3. Explore Chorao Island

Source: dazzlinggoa.wordpress.com Located in North Goa, Chorao is a sleepy little island that exudes charm like a 2-year-old with a dimple. You can rent a bike in Goa to go to the island and start exploring the place blessed with backwaters and migratory birds and last but not least friendly locals. A hike to the top of Chorao Hill is well worth it as the view of Goa from the top is breathtaking.

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4. Take a ride from Pompurpa to Panjim

Source: team-bhp.comOf the many brilliant races in Goa, this is one of the best. The views of rolling green meadows and verdant pastures, and also men fishing in the roadside backwaters are a wandering romantic’s dream come true.

5. Try ‘poi’ at a local bakery

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Savor poi of wheat bread made in a life-size clay oven at a traditional village bakery. The bakery in question is run by José Carlos D’Silva, who is a baker with fifty years of experience serving delicacies. Other breads to try include kakon (bracelet bread) and katro (butterfly bread).

6. A casino cruise

Source: goanphotos.com Casino boats are often seen floating in the ocean from Panjim. You can spend a night in one of them, drinking beer and relaxing with live music and most importantly gambling. Win or lose, a memorable experience awaits.

7. Revel in the spirit of a brave female traveler

Source: geolocation.wsUrsula e Lancastare was a Portuguese lady who didn’t let something as simple as women not being able to travel stop her from traveling. Dressed in men’s clothing, this globetrotter set out to explore alone, but she was recognized and captured at Corjuem Fort in Goa. The fort offers magnificent views of the Western Ghats and, for those in the know, may stimulate Ursula’s revelry.

8. Kayaking in the rain

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Kayaking through the backwaters, enjoying the beauty of the mangroves and listening to the cries of peacocks in the rain, a unique experience.

9. Travel by speedboat through the backwaters

Source: defenseforumindia.com While Goa’s beaches are well explored, the backwaters are relatively unnoticed by the traveler, which is a shame as the scenery is stunning with mangroves, peacocks, kingfishers and the occasional crocodile. A speedboat is the right tool to take it all in.

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10. Rowing boat on Lake Mayem

Source: in.worldmapz.com It is worth taking a rowing boat ride on Lake Mayem, an expanse of fresh water flanked by forests that provide all the silence and calm you need to relax.

Even with the countless places in India that are open invitations for the traveler to enjoy unique experiences, Goa still occupies a prominent place in the hearts of travelers. And with these offbeat things to do in Goa, the traveler’s experience becomes even more fascinating.

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