1944 Burning Bridges MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.5.6

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1944 Burning Bridges MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.5.6

Name 1944 Burning Bridges APK
Publisher HandyGames
Version 1.5.6
Size 103M
Category Strategy
MOD Features Unlimited money
Support Android 4.1+
Get it on Google Play


Introduce 1944 Burning Bridges MOD APK

1944 Burning Bridges MOD APK – a place where you can become extremely powerful when you can control and order tens of thousands of generals under your command to conduct military campaigns. The game is set in events when a war swept everyone into a vortex of suffering; the world was divided into two factions confronting each other extremely tensely. You will play the role of justice when you become the leader of the allied faction and fight against evil people who want to take over humanity. A good strategy, carefully calculating the risks,  and a strong army are the most important keys to victory.

Unlike other conventional war games, the fiery battlefield is still the central place to aim and win, but you will not directly go out and fight. The subordinate units will do it; all you need to do is give them orders, predict situations, and prepare for risks. Unlike what people see in war, you can completely repair buildings for your strategic purposes. Infiltrate enemy bases in different ways. Connect with powerful allies to help in times of danger, and your collective strength will conquer all.

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Download 1944 Burning Bridges MOD APK – Talented general in the biggest war in human history

The time of the Second World War involved countless countries. But what most countries have in common is that their military potential is strong and superior to the rest of the world. They divided into two factions with conflicting interests and began taking military actions to achieve their goals. You will be a talented general in the alliance army fighting against the villains of the human world. You will experience actual events such as the landing on the beaches of Normandy with allied troops or the defence of the Atlantic wall; you will be able to carry out all of the above outstanding campaigns.

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Be the saviour or be the sinner

Your position is exceptionally high; although you do not have to go to the battlefield, your decisions will affect countless soldiers’ lives and sometimes the entire outcome of the battle. The greater the power, the greater the responsibility. Just one small mistake on your part can cause a big plan to go bankrupt. Therefore, you need to be careful in all your actions. However, you have the right to do everything with your absolute power to become a hero and win the battle spectacularly. Or you will become hated forever when you make your allies lose to the other side.

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Combat units

Those units include land, sea and air forces. Ground combat forces include fully armed soldiers, armoured vehicles with enormous firepower, and many others. The maritime staff has warships with great destructive power and can provide reinforcement or raid from afar. Aeroplanes and helicopters will dominate the air when they can pre-emptively attack the opponent and support other forces. You can use all types of war vehicles; everything is at your fingertips. All you need to do is control them and bring about glorious victory.

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Fierce battlefields

Each terrain will have different characteristics, which you can use to find an advantage when fighting. You are not always more potent than the enemy; sometimes, you fall into a passive position. That will be when you must use your tactical talents, turning disadvantages into advantages. Converting victory into defeat will be something you often have to do; the enemy will be stronger than you when they are concentrated at the base. Combining the strengths of weapons and bombarding strongholds, capturing the enemy alive is the key to victory.

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Conquer all challenges

There will be countless levels for you to conquer, and each group will have different difficulties for you to experience. The enemy troops in each match will have other weapons; the terrain will also change with each game. But the strength of the enemies will increase gradually, and you must also have different tactics to cope with them. Defeat all the mighty enemies and become the winner of the greatest war in human history at 1944 Burning Bridges MOD APK.

How to Download & Install 1944 Burning Bridges MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

1. Please click Download button to select the MOD version you want at GameDVA.com.2. Click download and wait for the file to download to your device.3. Install and enjoy


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