Adam Schiff Censured: Unveiling the Controversial Video and Its Impact

Politicians were outraged when the video of Adam Schiff being criticised was made public.

The House of Representatives just censured California’s democratic representative Adam Schiff, making him the 25th member to do so.

Republican colleagues have accused Schiff of waging a “all-out political campaign” based on “baseless distortions” against former President Donald Trump because of his supposed ties to Russia.

Tonight I was censured by Republicans in the House.

Here’s what that was like and what that means for me, the Congress, and our democracy.

— Adam Schiff (@AdamSchiff) June 22, 2023

The resolution was presented by Florida Representative Anna Paulina Luna, and after a vote of 213-209, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy summoned Schiff to appear before the committee and receive a formal reprimand.

Democratic MPs were outraged by the outcome and went to the front of the floor for the formal censure, chanting, “Shame! Shame!”

The turbulent moments McCarthy encountered while trying to keep the caucus under control and read the resolution aloud were captured in a video that was posted on Twitter and has since gone viral.

Video goes viral: McCarthy loses control of House floor

The chaotic moments that followed Adam Schiff’s censure are seen in the video clip that Acyn, a Twitter account, released. As of the time of posting, the video clip has received over 2 million views.

Wow Looks like McCarthy has lost control of the House Floor after the censure vote

— Acyn (@Acyn) June 21, 2023

McCarthy battled to maintain control of the House Floor as numerous democratic lawmakers shouted insults at him and his leadership incessantly, as shown in the Adam Schiff censured video.

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York responded to Acyn’s tweet by claiming that McCarthy’s lack of leadership and penchant for stunts were to blame for the incident.

Sean Casten, another Illinois congressman, added a tweet to the original, branding McCarthy a shame and a stain on the House.

Representative from Minnesota Ilhan Omar referred to McCarthy as a coward who punishes everyone who exposes Trump’s misdeeds and rejects his lies.

Omar also criticised the Schiff censure as being sad and below the dignity of Congress.

Democratic lawmakers accuse Republicans of political stunts

A number of Democratic politicians have taken to Twitter to criticise the majority of Republican lawmakers for wasting a chance to improve people’s lives on cheap political pranks while the Adam Schiff censured video continues to go viral.

Last night, Democrats in the House attempted to obstruct an official congressional proceeding after learning that we had officially censured Adam Schiff.

That is a crime.

— Rep Andy Biggs (@RepAndyBiggsAZ) June 22, 2023

Congressman Jimmy Gomez from California claims that McCarthy has brought dishonour to the House and that Adam Schiff’s censure is an example of how the House GOP majority has failed.

John Durham called for questioning

Democratic Representative Adam Schiff questioned former Special Counsel John Durham throughout the hearing, which set off the day’s events.

For playing a key role in the inquiries into former President Donald Trump’s potential ties to Russia, the Republicans censured him.

The reprimand of Schiff appears to be a part of the lingering repercussions of the investigations into Trump that continued during his presidency.

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Republicans accuse Schiff of baseless distortions

In his role as the head of the House Intelligence Committee, which he assumed in January 2019, Schiff oversaw inquiries into claims that President Trump and his allies had cooperated with Russian intelligence.

Republicans, though, have charged Schiff with fabricating information regarding Trump’s interactions with Ukraine and lying about it.

Schiff responds to his censure

Following the censure, Schiff responded to his penalty on Twitter by claiming that the GOP had merely confirmed the allegations by their actions and the embarrassment they had caused on the house floor.

Even if the Republicans may have condemned him, Schiff said that the fight to save democracy would still be waged if the truth wasn’t spoken out loud.


Several democratic legislators have gone ballistic on social media over Adam Schiff’s rebuke and the subsequent events, which were documented in the trending video.

They have criticised McCarthy’s administration and charged that the majority of Republican members misused the opportunity presented by the House.

Schiff himself retorted that the battle to save democracy will go on, but that it was too early to predict how things would turn up.

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