Adele Calls Tom Sandoval: Las Vegas Residency Controversy

Adele wants to know everything about Scandoval! At a recent event, the pop icon had an open discussion with the crowd and asked about the infamous cheating case involving Tom Sandoval. The pop icon is now making her weekends with Adele’s residency concerts in Las Vegas.

Adele was explicit in saying that she doesn’t follow the Vanderpump Rules, but she was aware of the situation. The story includes Sandoval, who began an affair with Ariana Madix’s best friend and co-star, Raquel Leviss, while in a 10-year relationship with her.

Adele asks residency fans to explain Scandoval

At one point during a spirited conversation the 35-year-old singer was having with a couple of her fans during her Las Vegas residency, the subject of the Vanderpump Rules was brought up. Adele asked a fan: “The other day my friend said to me, ‘No, they really do restaurants or something.’ Adele hasn’t seen the episode. So is he associated with the TV show? What is the man who cheated doing?

Adele questioned the fan when he said, “Yeah, literally,” “Is he like a store manager?” I have no idea, she said as she moved to address another follower. Does anyone have any knowledge of the “Vanderpump” stuff? Who or what is that man? Speaking of Tom Sandoval.


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He is trash. A fan replied: “The one with the mustache”, to which Adele questioned again: “Yes, I agree. But I’m curious as to what he does. Then a fan made the joke: “She’s trying to sing and she’s not Adele.” “So it’s a restaurant TV show, but he tries to sing and then he cheats?” replied the Easy on Me singer.

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He’s on the TV show claiming to be truly yours, the admirer continued. Now, he aspires to be an actor. Adele responded with a joke: “Oh, okay. most of Los Angeles. Someone always tries to hand me a demo when they serve me in a restaurant.

The news of Sandoval’s affair with Leviss broke in March

This year’s romance between Sandoval and Leviss was exposed in March. It was revealed that Sandoval had an affair with Ariana Madix, who was also one of Leviss’s closest friends. Tensions rose when the trio reunited on the season 10 finale of Vanderpump Rules.

Leviss reportedly had to check into a mental health treatment center after the incident. After the heated debate, it is still unknown if the three will appear in the next season of the reality show.

Adele often has heart-to-heart talks at her residence.

At her Las Vegas residency, the pop artist is renowned for having candid, personal conversations with her fans. She spoke to audience members last weekend about the horrific implosion of the OceanGate submarine.

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I want to cast my vote. How many people, if any, would go down to the bottom of the ocean to see the Titanic before this week, considering what happened, which was so horrible and sad? Adele commanded, “Put your hands up.”

The interpreter added: “Look, I knew it!”, while several of the members of the public raised their hands. So that he can see the balconies, he turns on the lights. That is an excellent ratio. I would never do it, everyone says. However, that is false because many people would act that way.

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