Are Tommaso and Amaia dead? Unraveling the fate of Jonathan Higginbotham and Karina Ortiz in The Walking Dead: Dead City

In the fourth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series “The Walking Dead: Dead City,” Tommaso and Amaia help Maggie Greene and Negan search and rescue Hershel inside the Croat’s lair. Maggie, Tommaso, and Amaia figure out a way to enter the area and search for the Hilltop leader’s son while Negan diverts the Croat. They continue their search in the fifth episode, but run into several potentially fatal situations. Tommaso and Amaia’s lives are significantly affected, causing viewers to worry if they pass away. However, here is all the information you need to know about it! Spoilers follow.

Are Tommaso and Amaia dead?

Indeed, Tommaso and Amaia have passed away. Maggie, Tommaso and Amaia come face to face with a huge herd of walkers after entering the Croat’s lair. Maggie notices Ginny while they are struggling with the same thing and saves her from a group of walkers surrounding her. Tommaso leads the gang into the building’s underground tunnels when they see that they can’t kill all the walkers around them. They continue their exploration even though they are full of corpses which are producing methane. To combat methane in the atmosphere, Tommaso creates two oxygen tanks in the fifth episode of the show.

Maggie questions Tommaso why he treats them as if he found the tanks in the tunnel when she realizes that he has had the tanks in his backpack since they entered the building. She also questions how he is aware of all the comings and goings in the building, leading Tommaso to finally answer. She finally acknowledges having made a deal with the Croat to take his people there in exchange for a ship to the mainland, where she could live happily with Amaia in a safe neighborhood. The group pauses in response to such a shocking revelation. Suddenly they are ambushed by a band of walkers who meanwhile were hiding among the corpses in the tunnel.

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Tommaso, Amaia, Maggie, Ginny and the walkers are under attack. Maggie tries to kill the walkers attacking Amaia after saving Ginny from the dead. She can’t save her since Amaia is killed. When Maggie does the same, Tommaso is severely injured, losing a lot of blood from his neck. He passes away shortly after asking about Amaia, but Maggie uses a knife to cut out his brain to prevent him from turning into a walker. The audience must be wondering if Jonathan Higginbotham and Karina Ortiz made their last appearances on the show after her passing. Let’s find out, then.

Did Jonathan Higginbotham and Karina Ortiz leave The Walking Dead: Dead City?

The resignation of Jonathan Higginbotham and Karina Ortiz from “The Walking Dead: Dead City” has yet to be properly acknowledged by AMC. However, the deaths of Tommaso and Amaia make it clear that Higginbotham and Ortiz have likely played their final roles in the post-apocalyptic drama. With their deaths, Tommaso and Amaia’s story arcs come to an end, eliminating any chance of the characters continuing as lead actors on the show. Since they are no longer personally connected to Maggie to appear in her dreams or potential visions of her, we may no longer need to anticipate seeing her two allies in the episode.

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It can be said that Tommaso and Amaia were created as characters to guide Maggie to the Croat’s lair. It makes sense that series creator Eli Jorné and his writing team decided to kill them off because they play a role in episodes four and five. We could anticipate that Maggie and Negan will team up and take on the Croatian in the sixth and final episode of the season for a decisive clash. Given such a likely narrative twist, it’s understandable why Tommaso and Amaia’s arcs end before the same. In “The Walking Dead: Dead City,” Higginbotham and Ortiz gave good performances. In the future, we can anticipate that they will surprise the audience with increasingly impressive performances.

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