Azealia Banks Had A Mental Breakdown During Her Concert At Wynwood Pride

Controversial Azealia Banks, an American rapper, is back in the spotlight after having a breakdown during her performance at Wynwood Pride on June 10, which resulted in her act being cut short. The 31-year-old singer rushed off stage after her performance in Miami, protesting about the event’s organizers’ lack of professionalism. According to viral recordings, Banks, who was dressed in a black costume with her breasts totally exposed, said:

“I’ve been f**ked with for the previous month and a half.” You know how I’ve been f***ked about with? The set time has been moved, and it’s like, ‘Oh, you’re headlining.’ No, you’re not the main attraction. You’re no longer this.’ I’m not thrilled to be here. I’m very disappointed to be here. But whatever happened to the fans? What have you ever done, right? I’m trying, you guys. However, it is challenging. I truly don’t want to be here.”

The crowd appeared to empathize with her throughout her outburst, but boos erupted when the crew removed her mike, which she then flung before leaving the stage. One fan even seemed to throw a drink at her as she was leaving.

Twitter users were not pleased with Azealia Banks’ Leaving

Several Twitter users chastised Azealia Banks for disparaging the event organizers shortly after footage of her storming off the stage went viral. Many users also urged that the rapper be held responsible for her actions, while also asking why she was invited given her history of transphobic remarks.

this azealia banks mess i just witnessed live chile its so upsetting this is such a good event and full of nice people and staff 🥺

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— Y A N U E L💫 (@theyangarciaa) June 11, 2022


Literally the worst concert experience I’ve ever had. Both Azealia Banks and Wynwood Pride did me so dirty. Expect a request for a refund.

— 🦋 (@sailorfetus1) June 11, 2022


 Azealia Banks’ Twitter account was disabled when she shared her side of the incident with followers.

Following her emotional departure from the event, Azealia Banks resorted to Twitter to explain the behind-the-scenes shambles that led to her response on stage.

“Wynwood Pride was just too ghetto for me.” I had to jump.”

The 1991 singer said that her scheduled performance time of 10 p.m. had been pushed out to 1 a.m., and that the organizers had rejected her tech rider, which asked that dry ice not be used because she is “EXTREMELY allergic to it.” The dry ice clouds, according to Banks, “began to make me lightheaded to the point that I could “barely stand.”

She also attacked the show’s security and the event itself.

“[The event] is a perfect example of how Hispanics in south Florida make bad efforts at greedy cash grabs by abusing young undocumented homosexual lads for nightclub entertainment.” Someone with ashy feet and braided sandals definitely cooked up some Molotov dry ice at West Palm Beach Pride, so I should have done something. I have the worst headache I’ve ever had rn. Wow.”

Azealia Banks

Despite identifying as bisexual, Banks has been called out many times for using homophobic and transphobic language. The 212 crooners went on a homophobic rage in 2015 after using a homophobic slur on a flight attendant, equating the LGBTQ community to the KKK, and claimed she wanted to “hit a homosexual guy in the face with pepper spray.” In 2016, Banks apologized and swore to “never speak the word F****T ever again,” but she has participated in similar conduct on several occasions since then. She was even banned from Twitter in 2020 after a transphobic rant, only to return in April.

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