Berry Factory Tycoon MOD APK (Free Upgrade) 0.4

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Berry Factory Tycoon MOD APK (Free Upgrade) 0.4


Name Berry Factory Tycoon APK
Version 0.4
Size 96M
Category Simulation
MOD Features Free Upgrade
Support Android 5.1+
Get it on Google Play

Introduce MOD APK Berry Factory Tycoon

Berry Factory Tycoon MOD APK – is a series of factories that produce a fruit that is very familiar to people around the world. Turn your corporation into a corporation that automates everything and makes it famous around the world with countless things that other places admire. Take good care of customers with extremely large order requests, and meet their needs within the deadline. Observe and pay attention to the workers at work, some will be very lazy. Create the most popular sweet products with countless sweet lovers waiting for your products. Enhance your interests in various ways to become rich.

The world of sweets is waiting for you to become a new hegemon. Improve your harvesting machines so your crop has more production materials. Produce new products from natural sweets that will make your customers crazy. Complex mechanical equipment and countless workers are waiting for you to do it. Transporting items using large vehicles, maintain them carefully to ensure performance. Manage and create different advertising programs to earn more customers. Attract investors and you will have tons of money in your company budget to be able to create bigger campaigns and generate huge profits.

Berry Factory Tycoon free

Download Berry Factory Tycoon MOD APK – Create a leading sweets manufacturing company using berries

Starting from a simple berry, you have to grow a lot more to have a stable source of harvest and combine many different complex processes to be able to create sweet products loved by countless others. people around the world love it and then sell it to make a profit. It seems like an extremely complicated process, but in the game, you will be extremely guided every step of the way. Although the processes are many, they are extremely simple. You just need to follow the instructions and combine a few more strategies to have great success. There will be certain difficulties, but you have to experience them directly to find them.

Berry Factory Tycoon mod apk

Build sweet factories

These are the things that play a fundamental role if you want to succeed in this industry. Factories will produce extremely efficiently and at a rapid rate. Investing in factories is an extremely important part of development. Modern machines will not be cheap, but in return, they work very effectively. But besides the machines, there will also be workers. They will take on a variety of roles inside and outside the factory. But you have to watch them carefully because there will be lazy people. In addition, factories also need people to deliver goods. Don’t forget to invest in large trucks and conveyors to serve production.

Berry Factory Tycoon mod

Collect ingredients to make products

Factories are the source of raw material processing and product manufacturing. They will be useless without the resources to work with. Therefore, natural ingredients play an irreplaceable role. You will have a separate area to grow berry-related plants. Make sure you have all the best conditions for the plant to grow. When the tree has produced fruit, workers will come to collect it. Those fruits will go into the factory and become sweets. But to do that, in addition to workers harvesting the fruit, you also need to hire people to water and prevent diseases.

Berry Factory Tycoon mod apk free

Receive different orders

Orders will act as a stepping stone for your revenue to skyrocket. Often, individual orders to you will be extremely valuable. But the demands of these customers are also extremely large. Therefore, you must find every way to satisfy them. Please complete your delivery order on time. This not only gives you more credibility but also helps you gain trust. In addition, you should also improve the quality of the factory so that more people come to place orders.

Berry Factory Tycoon mod free

Advertising and attracting investors

Create advertising programs that attract as much media as possible. Let everyone know your factory is a supplier of extremely reputable and quality sweets. When you can do that, investors will certainly be interested. Let them pour more money into your factory and use them wisely. Become a rich sweets tycoon with countless factories and products filled with sweetness at Berry Factory Tycoon MOD APK.

How to Download & Install Berry Factory Tycoon MOD APK (Free Upgrade) for Android


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