Candleman APK 3.3.0

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Candleman APK 3.3.0

Name Candleman APK
Publisher Candleman Games
Version 3.3.0
Size 731M
Category Adventure
MOD Features N/A
Support Android 5.0+
Get it on Google Play


Introduce Candleman MOD APK

Candleman MOD APK is where you will transform into a small candle and light up everywhere you go. You aim to go into dark areas and look for light sources. Although a small candle can only burn for a few seconds, your task is to find things that can bring that light source back. Have the courage to overcome everything scary in the dark and eerie silence of the night. Traverse the most treacherous terrains, cross back alleys and chase away stalkers. Please make your way through increasingly challenging levels to reach a final treasure that awaits those worthy of it.

Curiosity and suspense are your primary emotions when playing this game because the surrounding scenes are often not too clear to see more, with your tiny body unable to defend against the evil forces Of the candle. You will not be able to fight brutally but can only use the light source to confront the things inside that scary house. Once you’re done exploring the place, you’ll be out in the open to nature. But outside, there won’t be things like indoors, and the threats become far more worrisome. Take control of your little candle friend to make it through the eternal night of this world.

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Download Candleman MOD APK – The small candle lights up the light of hope in the eternal night

Since the beginning of time, light and darkness have been two definitions to refer to opposite things. While light represents birth, growth, prosperity and justice, darkness represents shameful things that must be hidden, such as human sins. In the game, too, these two things will be opposite of each other. In unlit places, items become extraordinarily moody and stale. They seem lifeless and have been invaded by spirits from the underworld. On the contrary, well-lit areas will create an incredibly cosy and safe feeling for players and ward off all kinds of demons.

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The candle has life

The main character in the game will be a candle who is aware of everything around him and is placed in an abandoned house. No one knows what happened to that house when everyone left it, but it was an extremely gloomy place with old, unused furniture thrown away. In it, you are a candle that has been fortunate to have lived by a minor miracle. You feel terrified about your current home and think you must escape this place as soon as possible. In addition, you also have a habit that is hard to break: you like to reflect on the meaning of your existence and sit alone under the moonlight.

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Navigate and chase away evil spirits

The light beam on the burner is the only thing that can light your way in dark places. It is also the most effective weapon to confront the dark forces inside that house. The house has a lot of abandoned objects, most of which won’t be able to do anything to you. But there is one thing that you should be afraid of the spirits inside the house; they often appear randomly everywhere. To be able to chase them away, you need to light a ray of light above your head. All the souls will automatically move away or disappear into smoke at that time. In addition, light will also help some types of plants bloom.

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Interact with objects

In your journey to find the meaning of your existence, you will encounter many obstacles, and there are also things to help you. Many machines will still operate somewhere; you need to interact with them to illuminate large areas. In addition, plants outside can also help you. You can get on some flowers and move because some particular terrain, like underwater, will make it impossible to go there.

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Search for the ultimate treasure

It is a final gift once you complete this journey. That gift can be a precious material thing for many people. Still, maybe for you, the treasure is the journey you just went through when you realized many things and answered your questions—Body and finding the meaning of one’s existence. Let’s discover the secret treasure at the end of the game that the author is hiding at Candleman MOD APK.

How to Download & Install Candleman APK for Android

1. Please click Download button to select the MOD version you want at Click download and wait for the file to download to your device.3. Install and enjoy


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