Celebrity: Are Seo Ah-ri and Oh Min-hye based on real influencers? examining the characters

The South Korean drama series “Celebrity” on Netflix tells an engaging story of some of Seoul’s most prominent citizens as they become deeply entrenched in the world of rivalry and drama. The show chronicles the rise to prominence of Seo Ah-ri, an influencer from a low-income family, and reveals the inner workings of internet influencer culture. As she becomes more successful, Ah-ri encounters the industry’s shady practices and secrets, prompting her to do an Instagram Live exposé in which she exposes the real identities of everyone’s favorite online stars.

Throughout the entire play, Ah-ri and Oh Min-hye, a former childhood friend turned vengeful rival, engage in fierce competition. Their turbulent connection fuels the narrative’s investigation into envy, disdain, and pretensions to civility within celebrity circles and significantly advances the plot of the TV show. People should be interested to know if these characters are cast given their social standing and how they help the show portray showbiz realistically. We’ll see!

Are Seo Ah-ri and Oh Min-hye real influencers?

No, the influencers Seo Ah-ri and Oh Min-hye are based on are not real. The showrunners and their writing staff created both characters as works of fiction specifically for the plot. As a result, neither character is based on a specific person despite both being inspired by the South Korean influencer scene.

Park Gyuyoung, best known for her work on ‘Sweet Home’ and her eagerly anticipated participation in the upcoming season of ‘Squid Games’, embraced her role as Seo Ah-ri with enthusiasm and great curiosity. Gyuyoung talked about her experience on the press tour and how she liked being able to express a variety of complex and varied emotions through her role.

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Ah-ri’s character offers an excellent insight into influencer culture and, as Gyuyoung put it, the “cancer of social media” through her journey from outsider to newbie to industry titan. Therefore, she has a certain amount of truth to her character, as well as events that are firmly grounded in reality.

While not explicitly based on a real-life celebrity, Min-hye’s personality also represents a real aspect of fame and achievement within an online community. Director Cheol-gyu Kim, best known for his work on “Mother” and the critically acclaimed “Flower of Evil,” had minimal experience with social media before production began on the show. As a result, he put a lot of effort into studying himself when he created “Celebrity” and enlisted the help of actress Jun Hyo-Seong, who offered her understanding of online slang and conventions.

As a result, Hyo-Seong is familiar with social media and has real-life experiences with celebrities, just like her character Min-hye. The actress has a huge following online and is known for her work in the movies “My Dear Cat” and “Memorist.” She must have been able to connect with the story and give a great performance for it. Min-hye gave Hyo-seong the opportunity to articulate the subtleties of humanity. The actress also wanted to understand the intricacies of influencers’ lifestyles and how they became famous, which is a question the show directly addresses.

Once the drama of the characters is removed, there are countless real-life influencers with professions that resemble those of Ah-ri and Min-hye. For example, the popular clothing line MEJIWOO is run by South Korean influencer Jung Ji-woo. Irene Kim, another well-known Korean fashion influencer, is known for working with high-end companies like Chanel and Estée Lauder.

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Ah-ri and Min-hye’s characters exhibit these qualities, if not exactly copy them. However, Ah-ri and Min-hye are not modeled after real-life influencers, despite their slight similarities to a variety of real-life influencers. As the show’s themes require, both characters draw inspiration from true events and online culture, but other than that, both are entirely fictional characters.

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