Christopher Nolan Reveals He’ll Never Make A TV Show: Exploring The Director’s Stance

Despite being one of the best and most well-known directors of his generation, Christopher Nolan believes that he will never produce a television show. French YouTuber Hugo Travers, aka HugoDécrypte, asked filmmaker Christopher Nolan if he could ever develop a TV show while promoting his new movie “Oppenheimer,” a biopic about the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer, the man who invented the atomic bomb. Nolan replied, “No.”

Image Source: BAFTA Guru Nolan has worked on a number of feature films as a producer or executive producer, directing twelve of them, but has never directed a TV show. The director has been in a few documentaries and produced a few shorts, but it seems Nolan has no plans to break into the TV industry. His brother Jonathan Nolan is a television personality best known for creating “Person of Interest” and co-creating “Westworld” and “Fallout.” He also co-wrote numerous of the director’s well-known films, including “The Prestige,” “The Dark Knight,” “The Dark Knight Rises,” and “Interstellar.”

Earlier, Jorma Taccone, Will Forte and John Solomon, the creators of Peacock’s “MacGruber,” claimed that they had approached Nolan about directing an episode of the action comedy series, but that he had turned them down. We doggedly pursued it; for example, he sent us a very nice note but could not come to the reading table despite our invitation. Honestly, I’ve taken way too much up his ass…he didn’t have time for it, but he wanted to see if he could rip her throat out. We gave him the option to direct any episode. [laughs]. Taccone told Collider: “I think he’s gotten to the point where he says, ‘I’m not going to be genuinely a part of his world, but I enjoy it.

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Also, Nolan doesn’t seem to have the best relationship with television. The television’s motion-calming feature, which alters the way the film is shown to audiences at home, had previously caused the director to raise his voice. However, Nolan isn’t opposed to seeing movies outside of theaters. Nolan makes it clear that he feels it’s okay for him to watch movies on smartphones and laptops in the same interview he gave Hugo.

Nolan wouldn’t make a TV show, but don’t be surprised if he decides to make a video game. A video game production is “definitely something that interests me,” the filmmaker said in 2020 during a ‘Tenet’ question-and-answer session. Furthermore, he revealed that he had even thought of creating a video game based on “Inception”. However, since Nolan is currently focused on making movies, a video game made by Nolan might not be worth waiting for. “My time and energy, I ended up devoting it all to filming and seeing how difficult that is, so to make a video game on top of that; It is not something that can be taken lightly”, commented the director during the same session.

After producing the internationally acclaimed “The Dark Knight” trilogy, Nolan isn’t interested in directing another superhero movie besides a TV show. ‘Batman Begins’, ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ are three of the most popular superhero movies ever made. Regardless of how well all three movies do, Nolan currently seems interested in exploring new themes.

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