Clayton Whittemore: Where is Alexandra Kogut’s boyfriend now?

The bloody and tragic murder case of Alexandra Kogut, whose body was discovered in her State University of New York Brockport dormitory in 2012, is extensively examined and documented in the “Dateline NBC” episode titled “After Midnight.” Since Clayton Whittemore confessed to her crimes and turned himself in only hours after the murder, the police did not need to investigate the case in great detail to identify the killer. We have all the information you need if you want to find out more about Clayton Whittemore, including his current whereabouts.

Who is Clayton Whittemore?

The first time Clayton Whittemore and Alexandra Kogut met was at New Hartford High School, where they both attended. The first, a noted and beloved hockey player who graduated in 2010, was in Alexandra’s senior year. She graduated in 2012 and was well liked for her swimming skills. Sources claim that between 2010 and the terrible night in 2012, Clayton and Alexandra dated “on and off” over a period of two years.

Just as Alexandra was settling into her new university, she was discovered dead and covered in her own blood in her dorm room in the early morning of September 29, 2012. Police quickly launched an investigation into her death due to the strange circumstances surrounding it. However, her task was made easy when, around three in the morning, Clayton Whittemore’s father called to inform them that her son had just admitted to him that he had committed murder.

At 3:44 a.m., just over 45 minutes after the first phone, officers received a new phone from Clayton, who wanted to turn himself in for some heinous act. He was pulled over at a highway rest stop in upstate New York and questioned at the station. Clayton spoke to detectives about what happened the night before, or September 28, 2012, after they persisted for a while.

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Clayton announced that he had made the decision to go see Alexandra and spend the weekend with her. He insisted that he felt disrespected by her, since he kept raising his voice to her after going to dinner and a party. Clayton said the couple started fighting and arguing after they got to her room because of rumors of adultery, and then she started pushing him. He admitted to investigators that, at that point, he became angry and began to lunge at her, eventually strangling and stabbing her. He explained that he stopped when he heard she was having trouble breathing and killed her because he didn’t want to see her suffer. He was immediately arrested for second-degree murder following this interrogation, and more than two years later, he stood trial for Alexandra’s death.

Where is Clayton Whittemore now?

Following Clayton’s plea of ​​not guilty, the prosecution used his own comments and other tangible evidence against him in the spring of 2014 during his trial. An ex-girlfriend who was the victim of violence while dating him has spoken in court. Another of his friends appeared in court to testify that after a night of drinking, Clayton once grabbed a knife and pointed it at a crowd of people. In support of Clayton, Clayton’s lawyer revealed that Clayton had also been abused at the hands of his own father. This was cited in the defense case that he was seriously emotionally disturbed on the crucial night.

At the conclusion of the three-week trial, the jury rejected the defense’s contention that Clayton was seriously emotionally disturbed, and instead sentenced him to 25 life sentences for killing Alexandra Kogut. He is currently incarcerated at the Dannemora Clinton Correctional Center at 1156 Cook Street, where he will be eligible for parole in 2037.

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