Coma_Cose’s shared tattoo: “We wanted something that would unite us forever”

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You wanted lightning and storm then i manage if rain were transitive I assault you

It is possible that in the last few days you have heard on Radio DEEJAY a song that begins like this. AND After the concert from Coma_Cose, a revelation duo from Milan made up of rapper Fausto Lama and women California.

In the week of April 9-15, his single entered the top 30 of Radio DEEJAY’s Top 30 Most Played Songs, and within three weeks it rose to number one.

Today Liberato sings from Naples, Carl Brave and Franco 126 from Rome, and in Coma_Cose’s texts there is Milan.

The city emerges with its neighborhoods, its trams, its people and its contradictions, seen through the eyes of those who have come from abroad, from the provinces, and are looking for their way between an existential dilemma and a hangover in the columns of San Lorenzo.

Fausto Lama is Fausto Zanardelli, a singer-songwriter and musician born in Brescia in 1981, also known as Oedipus, the name under which he has published four solo works, the last for universal music.

California is Francesca Mesiano, a Friulian from Pordenone with close-cropped hair, who made people jump at techno and drum & bass raves as a DJ from California. Coma_Cose is her first project on the microphone.

“Our music is like the entrances to buildings in Milan at night, Laura Palmer or something like that,” say the two, who met by chance in a record store in the shade of the sun. madunina: they both worked as shop assistants, and while they were chatting the desire to try to do something together was born.

“After recording the first auditions,” says Fausto, “I showed them to some friends and acquaintances and I added “This is just an audition, we’ll change it later” and they told me: “Are you crazy? Look how it works: the voice, the two of you, a little bit of everything.

The first songs come out between February and June 2017, when Coma_Cose publishes the videos of Cannibalism, Golgotha, Desert AND Yugoslavia. Four pieces that frame his recipe for rap, electronics, bittersweet irony and street poetry.

A mix of indie/rap that they call “Urban Attitude”, and that is close to “Street-Pop” (to borrow a term coined by Wad) from artists like Coez, Frah Quintale and precisely Carl Brave and Franco 126.


“Among all this music coming out, my favorite rapper is De Gregori,” sings California in Desert. The reason is explained by Fausto Lama: “Rap and composition come from the same matrix. When we say our favorite rap artists are De Gregori and Guccini, we really think they were proto-rappers at the time.”


A conviction that emerges between the lines of the three songs on his EP Winter in Ticinoreleased in October 2017 on the independent label fake asian.

A melancholic work, composed of the songs can the soul (Free for latin soul of Battisti), French fries (“I look for Africa in the garden, I am Celentano”) and Pakistan (where the chorus is a semi-quote from De Gregori’s “Sweet Widow of Rimmel”).

Listen on Spotify:

Five months later, on March 2, 2018, Coma_Cose released the single After the concert.

“Because the EP contains some very soft and slow tracks. We felt the need to make things more rhythmic,” California explains.

“Coma_Cose’s post-concert is coming back from a night out singing a song in the car, it’s something that stays inside you and you can’t get it out of your head, it’s ending up at someone’s house at five in the morning, but it’s also much more”.


“Coma wanted to be a provocative name that would refer to a historical and social moment in which you have to wake up a bit,” explains Fausto. “In addition, it also brings to mind the more classic hangover imagery, the post-night coma. Only, when we decided to create the group’s Instagram profile, we realized that “Coma” was already taken. And then we started thinking about something that had to do with the coma, things that have to do with the coma… coma things.”

And as soon as we browse his Instagram profile, we come across a curious photo, the one of the shared tattoo that both have on their thighs.

We asked them to explain it to us:

“This double tattoo has for us a meaning of “union”, of “common journey”. It goes back to two years ago when we decided to make a band. We were rewatching “We Just Have To Cry” for the millionth time, mutually discussing what a masterpiece that movie is. Two people who find themselves catapulted into a surreal adventure, into something exciting and new, a world to discover and rediscover. We chose the character profile that we liked the most, Fausto Massimo Troisi and Francesca Roberto Benigni, but obviously everything is a game, we wanted something that would unite us forever, no matter what, for us “Coma_Cose” is the year of the discovery of America… our Ticinese America”.

Alessandro Minisi is on Instagram

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