Deep and false love: where are they now? Relationship exploration and updates

The Netflix dating series “Deep Fake Love”, also known as “Falso Amor”, is hosted by Raquel Sánchez-Silva and uses Deep Fake technology to test how much contestants know about their partners. Given the concept of the experiment, the featured couples in season 1 no doubt experienced difficulties while away, which has led many viewers to wonder if they’re still together. If you are curious about the same and want to know where your favorite people are right now, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Are Isa and Rubén from Deep Fake Love still together?

We will start with Isabel “Isa” Bermejo and Rubén Correia, who were finally the only couple in the top four who recognized the truth of their love. They were also one of three winning couples to take home the overall prize for the experiment. As of this writing, neither have provided an update on whether or not they are still dating. However, the fact that they continue to appear on each other’s social media gives us hope that, at the very least, the two will remain friends. Rubén currently works as a personal trainer and seems to have the same passion for traveling as Isa.

Are Paula and Javi from Deep Fake Love still together?

Undoubtedly, the on-screen reunion of Paula Di Martino and Javi Ramón was not a happy one for them. Even after finding out what was genuine and what was not, JAvi insisted that she believed that her love was genuine. Paula, on the other hand, seemed to disagree, which resulted in their apparent breakup. That being said, the two did manage to tie for first place in the Netflix tournament, which certainly seemed to cheer them up.

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Although Paula and Javi have not revealed any information about their romantic relationships, we are tempted to think that they are at least cordial. This is partly because the two still account for a sizeable chunk of each other’s online visibility. Javi, who currently lives in Valencia, Spain, appears to be involved in the clothing, travel, and fitness industries. It is interesting to note that Paula, who lives in the same region, also seems to be having a good time with her family.

Are Gabriela and Ángel from Deep Fake Love still together?

Gabriela Fdez de Bobadilla and Ángel Santiago follow him, and his journey on the screen was full of ups and downs. The two were undoubtedly the focus of viewers’ attention due to the explosive nature of their encounter and the revelations they had to deal with. In the end, Gabriela was quite understanding in rejecting her, even though Ángel believed that her love was genuine. The couple ended up becoming one of the winning couples of all three shows despite their turbulent history.

At the time of writing this article, Gabriela and Ángel have not revealed any information about their romantic relationships. Both appear to remain active in each other’s online communities and are followers of each other’s Instagram. Although there has been no indication of their reconciliation, it is likely that they have at least reached friendly terms. Gabriela is a talented economist with a strong modeling background. Similarly, Ngel also seems to be a model and a fashionista.

Are Aida and Manuel from Deep Fake Love still together?

Using Netflix was undoubtedly a difficult experience for Aida Vila and Manuel Delgado. They were the only couple out of the five featured couples where both expressed the opinion that their love was unreal. While Aida’s physical familiarity with Torress really affected Manuel, she was also outraged by her comments about her and the fact that he was pointing and kissing not just one, but two different girls. Also, they were the only couple in the top 4 not to win.

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At the moment, neither Aida nor Manuel have revealed any information about their sentimental relationships. They have likely ended this particular connection permanently given that the two are no longer following each other on social media and are also not visible on their on-screen partners’ feeds. Aida appears to be located in Alicante, Spain, while Manuel currently resides in Granada, Spain.

Are Alejandro and Ramón from Deep Fake Love still together?

Alejandro Calvo and Ramón Pit achieved a great following despite leaving the competition early due to the shared conviction of their mutual love. This followed the former’s statement that he wanted to leave the experiment and return to his partner. Although Alejandro’s kisses with Jesus had undoubtedly affected Ramón, the two were able to reconcile and were willing to continue their relationship.

At the time of writing this article, neither Ramón nor Alejandro have provided any information about a possible continuation of their relationship. Nonetheless, the two are visible on each other’s social networks, even if they are not followers of each other’s Instagram. Their persistent involvement in each other’s online lives and recent sightings of them in neighboring cities in southern Spain could be signs that they are still dating.

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