Did xQc Cheat on His Ex-Girlfriend Fran? Unveiling the Controversy

Fran is opening up about her breakup from famed Twitch streamer xQc! Not long ago, the Overwatch content creator Fran disclosed the reason behind her split from Félix Lengyel well-noted by fans as xQc.

Recently, Fran revealed that her former boyfriend xQc cheated on her while they were together. Keep scrolling further to learn the reason behind the breakup of xQc and his ex-girlfriend Fran.

Fran shares details about her messy split from xQc

In the last couple of days, xQc, a Canadian content creator has been in limelight for various reasons including his feud with Pokelawls, and Ethan Klein. In addition to this, he is also going through a messy divorce battle filed by one of his former partners, Sam “AdeptTheBest.”

The news of xQc cheating on his ex-girlfriend Fran surfaced online after Fran went live on her Twitch channel following a big drama between her and Pokelawls. During the stream, she revealed the reason behind her split from xQc.

Fran went on to disclose that she and the popular streamer xQc broke up because he cheated on her. She said, “I am going to keep it short and simple. Felix and I broke up because he cheated on me. Okay, now. Does everything makes sense, guys?”

After revealing that xQc cheated on her, the Overwatch creator broke down in tears during the stream. It looks like she came forward to clarify things on Twitch about her relationship with the Twitch streamer due to her recent beef with Pokelawls.

xQc confirmed his split from Fran in July 2023

For all the peeps who are unaware, let us tell you, on July 30, xQc shared with his fans on stream that he and Fran had called it quits while speaking about his life. At that point, he spilled the beans on their split and referred to their breakup as “a mutual thing.” Then, he didn’t give any indication of infidelity.

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A week before this, Felix had already spoken about his girlfriend not being around. It appears that following the recent Pokelawls drams, Fran decided to clear the air about her split from the social media star.

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Moments after disclosing the reason why she broke up with xQc, Fran broke down and she began crying and mentioned that she wants things to go back to how they were before their romance. She said, “I still wish that we could all be friends again. I just want to go back, you know? F*ck man!”

Now, the fans are expressing their views on the pair’s split. One user tweeted, “I can’t believe that xQc cheated on Jesse.” Followed by a second fan who penned, “All we need now is find out xqc cheated on her with Natsumii and the whole subreddit could be shut down because his drama will never be topped.”

Do you think xQc and Fran were not a good match for each other? Do share your thoughts on the former couple in the comments section below. Stay tuned with us for the latest updates from showbiz.

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