Exploring Simu Liu’s Reddit Posts: Insights On The Actor’s Thoughts

Old Reddit posts that have surfaced associated with Simu Liu have drawn criticism towards the actor.

Around the world, many people are taking out their anger in response to Simu Liu’s controversial Reddit status.

These posts serve as a helpful reminder of the need to be careful when posting information on social media.

Controversial reddit comments from Simu Liu

Fans started posting screenshots of Sim Liu’s old Reddit comments last week.

His comments on Reddit were really hurtful. Although “NippedInTheBud”, the account linked to these comments, has now been removed, multiple screenshots of the posts were shared online, sparking considerable outcry.

The comments included blatantly sexist statements that belittled the athletic prowess of women compared to men and expressed disgust at extremists with open Islamophobia.

Liu has received criticism for being a member of the Asian-identified subset of the men’s rights activist community on Reddit, the r/AZNidentity subreddit.

The virality of the Screenshots

After reappearing on Twitter, screenshots from Simu Liu’s previous Reddit account quickly gained popularity.

They came from the r/aznidentity subreddit, which is known for posting anti-black opinions, and were shared Thursday night.

Asian Men’s Rights, a group known for bullying outspoken Asian women, has connected with him.

Confirmation of Simu Liu’s reddit account

The archived Reddit account “/u/nippedinthebud” allegedly belonged to Simu Liu, according to a Twitter user named @NebsGoodTakes.

The user mentioned Liu’s involvement in a racist incel community and questioned his involvement in other concerning actions.

Who is Simu Liu?

In the 2021 film “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”, which is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Simu Liu, a Canadian actor, plays Shang-Chi.

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Rose to fame for his portrayal of Jung Kim on the CBC Television sitcom “Kim’s Convenience.” For his contributions to the television series “Blood and Water,” Liu earned ACTRA and Canadian Screen Award nominations.

In addition to his success as an actor, Liu wrote the memoir “We Were Dreamers” in 2022 and was named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World in the “Artists” category.

Early life

His parents, Zhenning and Zheng Liu, welcomed him into the world on April 19, 1989 in Harbin, China. Her parents met when they were enrolled in an engineering program at a Beijing university.

When Liu was five years old, her mother stayed in Beijing and continued to work while her father traveled to the United States to pursue a doctorate.

Liu was raised by his grandparents in Harbin at the time. Memories of him from this time are “idyllic and happy”.

despite not having running water most of the day and residing in a small apartment. Eventually, she moved to Canada with her parents, who eventually settled in Mississauga, Ontario.

Liu’s parents worked as dishwashers to pay for his education and became prosperous aerospace engineers.

In his autobiography “We Were Dreamers,” Liu describes the hardships and suffering his parents went through during China’s Cultural Revolution.

She recalls the tremendous pressure she felt to live up to their expectations and defines her parenting style as rigid.

Since he was a small child, Liu’s parents pushed him to do well in school, emphasizing arithmetic and giving him homework that included reading biographies of scientists and learning algebra.

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He attended the University of Toronto Schools and then the University of Western Ontario Ivey School of Business to study business administration.

Career development

Simu Liu began his career performing stunts and acting as an extra in numerous movies and music videos.

Two notable works are Guillermo del Toro’s “Pacific Rim” and Avicii’s “I Could Be the One”.

Despite starting out with small jobs, his talent and commitment gradually led him to greater opportunities.

Liu received many nominations and awards during the course of her career. He and his co-stars in the 2016 Factory Theater production of the play Banana Boys have in the past been nominated for a Dora Mavor Moore Award in the Outstanding Ensemble category.

He received the Radius Award from the Canadian Academy of Film and Television Arts at the 11th Canadian Screen Awards in January 2023.

For the 2022 Juno Awards, he also took home the Canadian Screen Award for Best Host in a Live Entertainment Special.

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