Exposing An Internet Horror A True-Crime Documentary Is Dropped On Netflix

The perplexing and terrifying cyber crime occurrence (the Nth room incident) that occurred in South Korea is the topic of Netflix’s most recent true-crime documentary Cyber Hell: Exposing an Internet Horror, which will be available on the site on May 18, 2022. In 2020, it was revealed that a collection of chat rooms on the instant messaging network Telegram known as the Nth Room had s*xually explicit footage of young females as well as torture films. Cyber Hell not only delves into this specific incidence of the Nth Room, but it also shines a light on the frighteningly underreported subject of online s*x crimes.

CYBER HELL: EXPOSING AN INTERNET HORROR is the unforgettable story of the digital crime case that shocked Korea to its core. This startling true crime documentary is now on Netflix. pic.twitter.com/pzEChXXrbM

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What was the Nth chamber called?

As part of a s*xual slavery ring known as the Nth room, women and young girls were pressured into uploading progressively humiliating and violent images and videos of themselves online. The moniker was used to refer to the whole operation’s eight rooms. The harassers would get access to the victim’s private photographs and social media accounts and use that information to threaten the victim by releasing their private information to their loved ones in order to frighten them.

Other people were targeted, seduced, and groomed with the promise of work, and were persuaded to engage in harmless actions for money. The harassers would then force victims to videotape themselves engaging in s*xual behaviors or acts of violence.

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One of the victims told CBS Radio in Korea the following:

“I was diagnosed with bipolar illness and depression. I had the impression that I was being followed. I couldn’t bear the thought of anybody recognizing me, so I covered up my whole face and body anytime I went outdoors, even in the heat. It drives me insane to think that the following morning I may wake up to tens of thousands of messages from people who saw my video on social media.”

All of the movies were aired in several Telegram rooms before being sold in the Nth Room, which was owned by a user named GodGod, and the Doctor’s Room, which was run by a person named the Doctor.

Exposing An Internet Horror

Over 100 women, including 26 children, were forced into sexual slavery as part of an organized cybercrime ring, with 260,000 people paying up to £1,200 to see this cruel pornography. Cho Ju-bin and Moon Hyung-wook were the two persons in charge of designing and carrying out the idea to establish a network of illegal and depressing chat rooms. Thousands of victims were duped and forced into performing s*xual activities, which were then posted on one of the two men’s many chat rooms.

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