Factory Inc MOD APK (High Wheel Rewards) 2.3.70

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Factory Inc MOD APK (High Wheel Rewards) 2.3.70


Name Factory Inc APK
Publisher PlayHard.Lab
Version 2.3.70
Size 74M
Category Simulation
MOD Features High Wheel Rewards
Support Android 5.0+
Get it on Google Play

Introduce MOD APK Factory Inc

Factory Inc MOD APK will show us the greatness of operating a factory. Make it a place where you can produce anything. Any item will be completed and brought to customers. Make them feel like this is a trustworthy place. Everything will be done perfectly. There are no errors in the production process. That’s why you continually improve your line. It helps everything become more and more modern. Make our dreams come true. Become a billionaire with unlimited abilities in any skill you engage in.

Usually, factories will only produce a few products. No place has ever produced so many products at the same time. That’s because we need to ensure quality. Make what you create genuinely the best. But the dream of manufacturing everything will be realized in Factory Inc. We can produce anything we want. Even the quality is not inferior to specialized brands. So, its management will also be a bit complicated. It requires you to focus on all the different aspects. Use your capital wisely to conquer all challenges and upgrade everything for the best.

Factory Inc mod apk

Download Factory Inc mod apk – Create everything you need

You will launch your business with a simple production line. These simple things will be essential items for everyone. However, initially, you can only produce a limited quantity for a short period. But this will be a tool to maintain our ability to find income. Once your payment is stable, increase your production power. You will need to upgrade your machines. Make it more modern. Then, you will be able to lock new items. Enhance your production capabilities and earn more profits with automation.

Diverse items

What do you think you can produce in Factory Inc mod apk? There will undoubtedly be a variety of different items appearing in life. For example, you can have lovely and delicious cakes. You are producing toys for children around the world. We can have modern technology items. Meet the needs of all customers in the integration trend. You can even make vehicles such as cars or motorbikes. You are creating the finest home appliances and furniture. We can even make high-value objects such as crowns or jewellery.

Factory Inc mod

Upgrade the chain

To produce a new product, you need to upgrade your production line. These are modern machines with different stages. The more current it becomes, the easier it is to process complex things. You can process expensive things to earn extra income. Each new item will be a more significant opportunity to make money. The higher its value, the more beneficial it will be for you. So take advantage of this line in the most effective way. You are constantly upgrading it and the packaging and shipping stages. You will receive the maximum benefits you need in this job.

Factory Inc mod android

Director’s office

As a CEO, you will own a private office. With this private office, we can upgrade everything we like. It will be based on the source of income you earn. You can buy expensive furniture to use. Buy a few beautiful decorative items to put in your living space. Use the best materials for walls and floors. There are also many things that you can bring into your office—making it a room no different from the king’s palace. Make everyone crave this life with your unremitting efforts.

Factory Inc mod free

To become successful, you must invest your time. However, you don’t need to spend too much time in this game. It’s a game that can be automated even when you leave it. We can still maintain our gains continuously. Make your business more and more quality-oriented. No more fatigue and boredom to become a wealthy and successful person with Factory Inc mod apk.

How to Download & Install Factory Inc MOD APK (High Wheel Rewards) for Android


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