Frost Forge MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Damage/Defense Multiplier) 1.0.0

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Frost Forge MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Damage/Defense Multiplier) 1.0.0


Name Frost Forge APK
Publisher HanDong
Version 1.0.0
Size 672M
Category Strategy
MOD Features Menu/God mode/Damage/Defense Multiplier
Support Android 5.1+
Get it on Google Play

Introduce MOD APK Frost Forge

Frost Forge MOD APK challenges you to fight missions to restore peace to the world. You will enter a new world where the most magical and peaceful era has long since ended. It was the age of steam, and people achieved highly high achievements in agriculture and industry. That allows them to live with one of the largest animals in the world. And in that harmonious life, each species can complement and compensate for the other. However, this era has disappeared since the new ice age reappeared. World peace has been turned upside down, and you should try to survive in the ice age.

Your mission when participating in the war in a chaotic world is to find a way to maintain peace. This situation has been going on since the world once again entered an ice age of deprivation. Since the ice age, humans have been forced to hunt dinosaurs and turn them prey. Your former ally has become your enemy, and you don’t want this to happen. So, you must overcome many challenges to save humans and the dinosaur generation. By finding a new survival location, you can ease this world situation. Start your journey of adventure and survival in a chaotic world of survival war.

Frost Forge mod

Download Frost Forge MOD APK – Preserve world peace to overcome difficult situations

You will be the leader of humanity, overcoming challenges to find shelter. And this will be a difficult task because the world is engulfed in brutal wars. Humans and dinosaurs had to confront each other to overcome the ice age and lack of food. But humans played the role of hunters, and dinosaurs reluctantly became prey. So, the world has become more chaotic than ever, and both species are at risk of extinction. And if you want to bring the world back to a peaceful time like before, you must lead people. Join the journey to find a way to survive for humanity and protect dinosaurs.

Frost Forge mod apk

Build a survival base

Your adventures have begun, and they will take you to lands. These are thrilling areas with many mysteries waiting for you to learn. They are all covered in snow and ice, and you must clear them to advance. And when you find a suitable place, stop and start building a base to survive. There, it would be best to light up with energy to overcome the incoming snowstorms. Besides, you need to help people who are in difficulty to prolong hope for the world. Build a base for humanity to stay away from the war and try to survive in Frost Forge MOD APK.

Frost Forge free

Nurturing dinosaurs

You guide those who survived the ice age to build a base. Here, you will start life again with the hope of survival and development in the face of difficulties. But the most important thing you must do is incubate and raise dinosaurs. They were once friends of humans, and you still hope humans and dinosaurs will live together. Therefore, nurturing them from a young age will help you have a loyal protection force. Then, you can fight off threats from other evil dinosaurs. Nurture dinosaurs at the base and create the foundation for a harmonious life between them and humans in the future.

Frost Forge apk

Expand your base

Raising dinosaurs is part of your plan to help humans overcome difficulties. And when successful, you will go out with this loyal force to search for items. They are essential items to help you and the survivors get food to survive. In addition, the outside world also has many resources for you to exploit and use. You can start farming and raising livestock inside the areas at the base. All are necessary for your survival and your goal of expanding your base. Search and exploit resources to create a source of life for yourself and mighty dinosaurs.

Frost Forge android

It would be best to clear a large area in the snowy forest to start building a life. That is where you will lay the first foundations to rewrite world history. Therefore, facing the struggle for survival, you must become the wisest person. And stop hunting dinosaurs to start moving and looking for other food. In the forest, there are many areas with rich resources for humans to sustain life. Besides, nurture dinosaurs to fight with them and expand your base. Download Frost Forge MOD APK to overcome the deadly ice age and bring the world back to a peaceful time.

How to Download & Install Frost Forge MOD APK (Menu/God mode/Damage/Defense Multiplier) for Android


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