Gregory Jacobs: Unraveling the legacy of an influential figure

Shock G, the lead vocalist for the band Digital, has died at the age of 57.

Gregory Jacobs has died, according to two representatives from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. On Thursday afternoon, he started in a hotel room in Tampa.

The cause was still being investigated at the time, according to the agency.

Shock G’s 1990 Billboard Top 10 hit “The Humpty Dance” cemented his status as a major figure in the hip-hop genre. It’s admirable that he produced music and a cast.

He played the Humpty Hump character in the music video with a large fake nose and a pair of thick black glasses.

Shock G constantly mentioned Humpty Hump and for a long time insisted that the figure was an individual unto himself.

“Humpty Dance” is another fan-favorite song from Digital Underground’s debut album, “Sex Packet”. “Doowutchyalike”, a 1989 release, peaked at number 19 on the Billboard Rap chart in 1990.

Tupac Shakur initially became known when his voice was used on the song “Same Song” from the “This is an EP Release” EP, which was released a year later. Tupac Shakur had been working as a dancer and roadie for the group.

Shock G contributed to the 1993 hit “I Get Around,” which became Shakur’s breakout song, and co-produced the rapper’s 1991 first album, “2Pacalypse Now.”

Today in Hip Hop History: Gregory Jacobs, better known as Shock G, died on April 22, 2021 RIP

-OTG (@365OTG) April 22, 2023

Digital Underground’s second studio album, “Sons of the P”, released in 1991, received less acclaim. The band’s most recent recorded effort, a live CD, was released in 2008.

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Even as the BET Awards honored hip-hop’s 50th anniversary, Busta Rhymes Shock G remained a major producer, collaborating with Dr. Dre, Prince, Bobby Brown and others while recording and touring with his idol George Clinton.

Social media was inundated with Shock G’s condolences Thursday night and early Friday morning. Some people mourned what they saw as a challenging month for hip-hop following the recent deaths of rappers DMX and Black Rob, who were both in their 50s.

Chopmaster J posted a tribute to Instagram in memory of a bandmate.

RIP Gregory Jacobs (aka) Shock G. Digital Underground.

Humpty’s hump! 🙏🏾💙 Legend out of the Bay Area 💯💪🏾

—Jimmy 🖤💙✨ (@MajorFactor2) April 23, 2021

He wrote, “We had this crazy idea that we could be a hip hop band and take over the world,” more than 34 years ago. While that dream eventually came true, for some, the reality of it all was a nightmare. Long live Shock G aka Humpty Hump and rest in peace my brother Greg Jacobs! Now that he’s woken up from the spotlight.

Taking to Twitter, actor and musician Ice Cube mourned the passing of Shock-G/Humpty Hump.

The band name Digital Underground was first mentioned by NWA tour manager Atron and I have never forgotten it.

I broke down when he played the DOWHATCHALIKE video. When DU performed in JACKIN’ FOR BEATS and WHO’S THE MACK, I couldn’t help but listen.

The stage production was truly original to the Bay Area and unlike anything else.

Oh no, not Shock G (aka Humpty Hump). “It kept P Funk alive,” he said. a musician named Bootsy Collins.

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Gregory Jacobs Cause of death

The sad death of Shock G, which occurred in secret, was explained. According to the initial autopsy case description, the overdose of fentanyl, ethanol (alcohol) and amphetamine that led to the death of renowned ringmaster Gregory Jacobs.

The Hillsborough County Medical Examiner’s Office has summarized the cause of death as accidental.

On April 22, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office notified the medical examiner that Jacobs, 57, had been found unconscious in a hotel room in Tampa, Florida. Jacobs’ passing was reported to Fox News via Digital Underground.

Jacobs fronted the Digital Underground hip-hop group under the alias Shock G, which included future stars like Chopmaster J, Tupac Shakur and others.

He co-founded the group in the late 1980s along with Jimi C. “Chopmaster J” Dright Jr. and Kenneth “Kenny-K” Waters. The band would change its lineup between albums and tours.

Shakur appeared in the 1991 music video for “Same Song”, a Digital Underground song to which he also contributed.

Jacobs produced Shakur’s debut solo album, 2Pacalypse Now, while they continued to collaborate closely. Additionally, Shakur’s song “I Get Around” features Jacobs.

Tupac was part of the group for a brief period before the 1991 release of his solo debut. a song from the EP titled “Same Song” with the title “Same Song”

Magic Mike XXL ★★★Before the moans complain about me, I am well aware that #StevenSoderbergh is not the credited director of this film (Gregory Jacobs, one of Soderbergh’s most frequent collaborators is the credited director). However, he started the franchise, he’s the…

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— Stephen Gibbons (@Gibboanxious) March 7, 2023

Dright honored his friend by sharing an old photo of them on Instagram. He wrote,

He wrote in the caption of a black-and-white photo of himself and his friend: “34 years ago, almost to this day, we had this crazy idea that we could be a hip hop band and take the world by storm.”

And he’s wide awake now that the excitement of his fame has died down. He rest in peace brother Greg Jacobs, often known as G or Humpty Hump.

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