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Kolenitchenko, Daniel Daniel is a well-known Russian businessman known as the owner and CEO of Next Door Lounge. Next Door Lounge is a well-known nightclub on the west coast. Daniel, a businessman, and his wife own the club. The nightclub is reportedly close to the Walk of Fame and is a must-see attraction. The Next Door Lounge will be sold as soon as possible, according to the entrepreneurial couple. As a result, the couple has turned heads. In this short essay, we will meet Daniel Kolenitchenko.

Daniel Kolenitchenko Wiki & Age

Daniel Kolenitchenko is a Russian businessman. He owns and operates The Next Door Lounge, as well as The Pearl Group. Mr. Kolenitchenko was born in Russia in 1983. As a result, the Russian businessman will turn 40 in 2023. Daniel immigrated to the United States in 2019 with his wife, Oksana, and their children. Kolenitchenko opened a nightclub in Hollywood, the most prominent neighborhood on the West Coast. He established The Next Door Lounge in August 2018 before moving to the United States.

According to a short bio on The Pearl Group’s official website. Daniel has fifteen years of experience in the premium nightlife industry. The Russian entrepreneur’s origins lie in organizing events that stand out and connect with clients in a unique way. Daniel is an accomplished leader who is well versed in the nuances of each target audience.

Combine the emotional and financial components of high-end hospitality by studying the fundamentals at one of Europe’s most luxurious five-star hotels and combining it with a university business degree. Daniel feels that while location and marketing should be prioritized, execution and overall management will always be critical.

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Oksana Kolenitchenko, wife of Daniel Kolenitchenko

Daniel Kolenitchenko and his wife, Oksana Kolenitchenko, have a happy marriage. Oksana was born on October 10, 1987 in Moscow, Russia, and will turn 35 in 2023. The lovely couple got married in 2012. The Kolenitchenkos have been happily married ever since. They have also been blessed with two beautiful children. Oksana works in the film industry as well as being a businesswoman. The stunning woman is most recognized for her appearance in Goodbye, Germany. The loving couple met when they were young and have been together for almost fifteen years.

Daniel Kolenitchenko net worth and earnings

Daniel Kolenitchenko is a successful businessman and entrepreneur. Daniel was born in Russia and now lives in the United States with his wife, Oksana, and their two children. Daniel and Oksana launched The Next Door Lounge on the Los Angeles party scene. According to ZipRecruiter, even a nightclub waiter makes $45,131 per year. As owner and CEO, Daniel must have acquired a considerable fortune.

Daniel Kolenitchenko

Daniel and Oksana, his wife, recently announced the sale of The Next Door Lounge. “Time to say goodbye, as incredibly hard as it is for me, we are finally selling @nextdoorlounge ASAP,” the couple tweeted. Daniel and his wife said that the last few years have been difficult for them due to ups and downs, the epidemic and relocation. Despite everything, the marriage achieved everything.

The enterprising couple’s club has become a hallmark of Los Angeles nightlife in recent years. Oksana and Daniel Kolenitchenko leave as the party at the “Next Door Lounge” continues unabated. The two have moved to Las Vegas, 434 kilometers away, with their children. The Kolenitchenkos have traveled less than five hours from their West Hollywood nightclub. The couple indicated that they would sell their beautiful store for much less than market value in exchange for the opportunity and assistance in obtaining a green card/permanent residence in the United States.

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