How Old Is She? Explore Her Relation With Jasprit Bumrah

In 2023, many people will be wondering, “What is Sanjana Ganesan’s age?” Sanjana Ganesan, who was born on May 6, 1991, in Pune, Maharashtra, is 32 years old this year. This stunning TV presenter, born under the sign of Taurus, has a booming job and a fascinating personal life with Indian cricketer Jasprit Bumrah. Sanjana Ganesan, a Pune-based anchor, has recently been a focus of public attention, not just for her professional accomplishments but also for her personal life. One reason is her marriage to Jasprit Bumrah, an Indian cricket prodigy. But first, let’s get further into the tale.

Sanjana Ganesan’s Childhood

Sanjana grew up in the cultural city of Pune, Maharashtra. Her solar sign is Taurus, and she is of Indian descent. Little is known about her childhood, although her roots are firmly planted in Pune.

Sanjana Ganesan Professional Career

Sanjana’s personality and skill propelled her to the position of anchor. Not just any anchor, but the official face of the IPL team’s popular program, ‘The Knight Club’. This position has surely contributed to her professional resume.

Sanjana Ganesan Age and Personal Life

Sanjana Ganesan is 32 years old as of 2023. In 2021, she reached 30, marking a watershed moment in her life. She is a powerful female character in the media sector who is lovingly referred to as “Sanjana.”

The Love Story of Sanjana Ganesan and Jasprit Bumrah

The marriage of Sanjana and Jasprit Bumrah generated great interest. Many people were interested in the romance journey and eventual marriage of these two unique personalities from various professions.

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Public Opinion on Sanjana Ganesan

Sanjana’s popularity extends beyond her professional achievements. Her name appears on platforms such as “Famous Birthdays” on a regular basis. Furthermore, with her amazing size and eye-catching characteristics, she has earned a place in the public’s heart.

Sanjana Ganesan

The First Child of Jasprit Bumrah and Sanjana Ganesan

In a joyful update, Sanjana and Jasprit had their first child in September 2023. This major milestone opened up a new chapter in their joint lives, bringing them closer together than ever before.


To summarize, Sanjana Ganesan’s age may pique the interest of some, but her narrative extends beyond figures. She’s a celebrity to keep an eye on, with a successful anchoring job and a fairy-tale love story with Jasprit Bumrah.

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