India’s 11 Weirdest Temples: From Praying To Dogs To Eating Rat Scraps

A rich history, a varied landscape, and a land of many different languages, India is a cultural potpourri of beliefs, cultures, and dreams. The billion people follow a huge number of religious practices and have some really intriguing stories behind them. We look at the 11 strangest temples in India.

1. Nau GaJa Pir: The Timeless Timed Connection

Truckers and travelers offer watches here to reach their destination safely and on time.

Photo courtesy: Indianexpress

Location: On Grand Trunk Road, near Kalyana Village, halfway between Ambala and Kurukshetra, Haryana.

Legend behind the place: The term “Nau Gaza/Gaja” is basically a unit of length and when translated literally equals about eight meters in English. The propellers visiting the Peer de Nau Gaza offer the baba watches, garlands, mustard oil, and items of clothing. The clocks mean that the people who visit this tomb must reach home on time. It is said that about fifty clocks a day are dedicated here

2. God of foreign travel

Offer toy airplane at Shaheed Baba Nihal Singh Gurdwara for successful trip abroad.

Location: Talhan village, near Jalandhar, Punjab.

Legend behind the place: This Gurudwara in the small village of Talhan, about 12 km from Jalandhar, has made people believe that if you wish to go abroad, you offer prayers along with a toy airplane and they will be answered. It comes as no surprise that the shrine is now popularly known as ‘Hawaijahaj’ (airplane) gurudwara.

3. Dog Temple – Channapatna, Karnataka

The villagers believed that dogs can stop any evil and drive evil away from the city.

Photo courtesy:

Location: Chennapatna taluk of Ramanagar district. It is 60 kilometers from Bangalore.

Caption behind the place: The dog temple, which was built in 2009, is located in Chennapatna taluk of Ramanagar district, about 60 km from Bangalore. The temple of the dog breed is right next to the temple of a village deity. The local inhabitants believe that the dog possesses the power to stop any evil deed and works together with the deity.

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4. Worship of weapons – Ajudh/Astra Puja

To remove the fear of enemies and evil spirits.

Photo courtesy: oulookindia

Location: Most of India

Legend behind the place: Nothing weirder than loving guns and weapons and it can only happen in India! Following the traditions of ancient times where kings and soldiers used to perform Ayudha Puja for their weapons. They used to consider their weapons as their protectors and as their gods. Nowadays, people associate that with mechanical and electrical work, keep their tools and instruments in their puja room and worship them with great devotion.

5. Rats are the gods here!

Incarnations of the goddess Karni Mata.

Photo courtesy: Davide Rat

Location: Deshnok, which is located 30 km south of Bikaner in Rajasthan

Legend behind the place: Karni Mata Temple is a place to worship rats as rats are believed to be the incarnations of Goddess Karni Mata (who is an incarnation of Maa Durga) and her four children (Whew! ). The rats roam the temple premises freely and are also fed with milk and other prasad. Rat-nibbled food is also considered sacred and is sometimes eaten by a devotee, even if it has been half eaten by rodents – too much to imagine?

6. Om Banna Bullet Slime

Bullet worship to protect travelers on their journey.

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Location: 20 km (12 miles) from Pali and 50 km (31 miles) from Jodphur on the Pali-Jodhpur highway, near the village of Chotila.

Legend behind the place: Om Bana, also known as Bullet Banna, is a shrine located in the Pali district near Jodhpur, India, dedicated to a deity in the form of a motorcycle. The motorcycle is a 350cc Royal Enfield Bullet. The story is not that old, about 27 years ago, Om Banna was heading to his village Chotila when he lost control of his Bullet and died instantly. When the policemen took the motorcycle to the police station, it disappeared from there. He reappeared at the scene of the accident. When this miracle happened again, the villagers started to worship Bullet Bike and Om Banna as Bullet Baba. Bullet Baba’s spirit is believed to protect travelers.

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7. Mysterious levitating stone of Qamar Ali Darvesh in Shivapur

A 200 kg stone flies through the air with the finger of 11 men on it.

Photo courtesy: Railwire

Location: 16 km from Pune. This Dargah is located on the main road of the Pune-Satara highway and is located in a small village known as Khed Shivapur.

Legend behind the place: The Dargah is around 700 years old and the interesting thing about the place is that there is a stone that when 11 people touch it with their finger and shout the name “Qamar Ali Darvesh”, the stone flies away. in the air. It is a huge stone weighing about 200 kg and the mystery has not yet been scientifically proven.

8. A dead Indian soldier who is now Fauji Baba

Guarding the border between India and China.

Photo courtesy: indianholiday

Location: 60 km from Gangtok towards the panoramic view of the Nathula landscape, take a road that leads towards the Kupup valley.

Legend Behind the Place: According to stories, Harbhajan Singh, an Indian Army soldier who worked in the Dogra Regiment during the 1962 Sino-Indian War, had led the search party into his own body and then through a dream. , instructed one of his colleagues to build and maintain a temple/shrine after him. He himself built a shrine at his Samadhi in the hills and Army folklore regards Baba as a disciplinarian and thus he is known to rebuke those who do not listen to his orders. They claim that Baba would predict an accident in the valley long before it happened.

9. Offer liquor to Khaees Baba

Make the deity drink and cure people of their ailments.

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Location: A forest area near the city of Sandana in the district of Sitapur, about 80 km from Lucknow.

Legend Behind the Place: According to the locals, the temple was built around 150 years ago in memory of a saint named Khabees Baba, who dedicated his life to worshiping Lord Shiva in Sitapur. They offer liquor to the deity, who is said to enjoy his drink at night and has a gift for clairvoyance and to heal people. Welcome to the Khabees Baba temple situated in a place where devotees offer liquor to the deity.

10. Sangha Tenzing Mummified Monk – Gue Village, Spiti

Natural mummification performed by a monk in a lonely village freed the village from the plague of scorpions.

Photo courtesy: OutlookIndia

Location: Gue is a small town in the Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh, almost on the border with Indochina.

Legend behind the site: The monk, or lama, known as Sangha Tenzin is probably the only mummy in India to have undergone natural mummification. This revered lama is believed to have been a Tibetan monk named Sangha Tenzin, who gave his life some 600 years ago while squatting in meditation, who was discovered mummified inside a tomb.

11. Noodles and Chopsuey eating Kali Mata- Kolkata

Kali Mata offered Chinese cuisine.

Photo courtesy: heatheronhertravels

Location: Tangra area of ​​Kolkata,

Legend behind the place: There is nothing new about a Kali temple in Kolkata, however, one look at ‘bhog’ – Chinese cuisine including noodles, chopsuey, rice dishes and vegetables, and then one can tell the difference between any Kali temple. At the heart of what is popularly known as India’s Chinatown lies this unique symbol of cross-cultural assimilation.

What are the other strange houses of faith you have heard of in India?

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