Is He Married Or Dating Anyone? Relation With Kayla Varner

The famous Major League Baseball star for the Philadelphia Phillies, Bryce Harper, gets married. Harper and his wife, Kayla Harper, have been a celebrity couple for quite some time, particularly since they’ve been married for nearly six years. But what’s the backstory of their romance? Let’s get started. Bryce Harper’s name is often heard in baseball stadiums, but his personal life has also received attention. Married to Kayla Harper, their relationship has been full of highs and lows, adding to the intrigue.

Engagement of Bryce Harper and Kayla Varner

Bryce and Kayla, who met in high school, began their love adventure in 2012. Harper went down on one knee in 2014, presenting Varner with an engagement ring. Their wedding was supposed to take place in January 2015, but destiny had other ideas, and it was called off only a few weeks before.

Official Marriage and Reconciliation

The pair experienced a roller coaster of emotions in 2016. Kayla made wonderful news in July, stating that they had reconciled. In December of that year, the pair exchanged vows at the San Diego California Temple.

Information About Their Marriage

The pair has celebrated multiple anniversaries since their wedding in December 2016, cherishing their love. The San Diego Mormon Temple, where they exchanged vows, has a particular place in their hearts since they were both reared in the area.

Their Marriage’s Duration

Bryce and Kayla Harper have been together for just more than six years, navigating life’s hurdles. Their December wedding anniversary will be another milestone in their journey.

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Recap of Their Marriage Journey

Every relationship has its difficulties, and Bryce and Kayla’s was no exception. Their love story is both unusual and inspirational, beginning with a postponed wedding in 2015 and ending with a wonderful reunion in 2016.

The Secret Wedding Plans of Bryce Harper

2015 was a year of whispered murmurs and conjecture. Harper had discreetly put his wedding preparations with Kayla on hold. Although the reasons are unknown, others speculated that it may have been due to his busy job.

Bryce Harper

Kayla Harper’s Assisting Role

Kayla has been Bryce Harper’s rock in addition to his wife. From their high school days through their marriage, she has always been at his side, even becoming a doting mother to their two dogs.

The World Series Appearance of Bryce Harper

In 2023, Harper and the Philadelphia Phillies have secured a World Series berth. Kayla was often seen in the stands during the series, fervently rooting for her husband. Her passion was contagious, and she even threw the first pitch in one of the games.


The story of Bryce and Kayla Harper is one of love, understanding, and perseverance. They’ve overcome adversity to become stronger, providing a good example for others. Their narrative exemplifies the essence of real dedication and the power of love.

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