Is Scott Wern from ’90 Day Fiancé’ dating? A look at his love life.

A fascinating ’90 Day’ spin-off called ’90 Day Fiance: Love in Paradise’ follows Americans who have fallen in love with people from the Caribbean. Similarly, Spring Hill, Florida resident Scott Wern was first introduced to us in Season 3 of the show when he was investigating a relationship with Lidia Morel. Lydia was ready to move on from her, but Scott seemed unsure of his decisions and even considered going back with his ex. Let’s find out if Scott Wern is now dating anyone now that the cameras have turned off.

Scott Wern Past Relationships

Scott revealed on the show that he had previously been married, however the union had ended in a contentious divorce. However, that has been his last long-term commitment to date. After her divorce, she lost faith in romantic love and started having one-night stands on various dating apps. But as time went on, Scott came to see the value in finding a life partner. It was at that time that he met Lidia Morel, a native of the Dominican Republic, better known to fans of the franchise as the mother of Pedro Jimeno. Although he and Lidia were connected to an overseas dating service, their romance developed through phone and video conversations.

The American citizen was increasingly eager to see his beloved in person as the days passed. As a result, he finally organized his trip and came to the Dominican Republic to see Lidia. Scott discovered in the Dominican Republic that he and Lidia did not get along because they had communication problems. In fact, the couple had to ask a stranger to translate for them on their first date because Lidia didn’t speak much English and she refused to trust translation apps.

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Nicole, Lydia’s daughter, was very interested in the connection and even made a list of private queries that Scott was forced to answer on the spot. Due to this and his communication problems, Scott began to have doubts. As a result, when his ex-girlfriend Lis sent him a text message, he decided to give their relationship another try. The betrayal naturally saddened Lidia, but Scott and Lis’ situation was no better.

Lis commented that despite her intentions to rest while in the Dominican Republic, Scott seemed to be in dire need of companionship and even begged her to move there with him. She eventually made the decision to leave the relationship due to the abrupt need for commitment, which made her realize that she was progressing too fast. Scott, who was devastated and inconsolable, made one last attempt to contact Lidia, but she dismissed him and immediately took her leave.

Is Scott Wern dating anyone?

Although Scott seemed to be looking for a partner near the end of the third season of “90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise”, it appears that he is not yet married as of this writing. He appears to have returned to the US after filming wrapped for season 3 and settled in Spring Hill, Florida, where he lives with his bull mastiff, Ally. Scott also works as a high school football coach in a

In addition to being a personal trainer. He is quite active on social media and often shares snippets of his life with his followers. However, in his most recent posts, he does not mention anyone in particular. Lydia is the subject of a post by Scott, though it appears to be a farewell message with best wishes for his future.

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The reality star stated that no one knew the full story and that she would post her own version in the coming days. On the other hand, reports indicate that Scott has been receiving a lot of negative publicity for his behavior on the show. Furthermore, “90 Day Fiancé” star Tiffany Franco stated in June 2023 that he had written her a note in her direct message (DM) complimenting her beauty and expressing her desire to spend time with her. We wish Scott the best in the years to come and this statement serves as further evidence that he is not married at this time.

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