Javon Walton: facts and background

Javon Walton is one of the featured talents on HBO’s “Euphoria”! His first acting role was with Zendaya herself. The 15-year-old plays Ashtray, a resourceful young man who helps his older brother Fez, a drug dealer.

“I had never considered acting until I got the call to read for the part of Ashtray. Without any training, I was able to connect with the character and remember the lines very quickly, Walton told Vanity Teen in 2022. “With Zendaya, I had my first scene and my first acting experience. I became a sponge and wanted to be the best, just like in boxing. Watching Zendaya work on set taught me a lot, and Sam Levinson gave me the courage and encouragement to play Ashtray the way I saw him.

Additionally, he recently appeared in “The Umbrella Academy” season 3 on Netflix. But did you realize that he is not just a talented actor? Walton is a fantastic athlete who has dabbled in modeling, voice acting, and even collaborated on a project with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. It’s hard to believe that the Georgia native, who stars in one of today’s most popular series, has time for anything other than acting and being in the press for “Euphoria,” but Walton manages to fit it all in, including finding time to train for what is perhaps the most televised sporting event in the world. Read on for more fascinating details about this little prodigy!

Javon Walton’s age

Walton was born on July 22, 2006, making him 15 years old. Image source: Getty.

Javon Walton is training for the 2024 Paris Olympics in 2 sports

Walton hopes to compete in boxing and gymnastics at the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris. As lofty as it may sound, the “Euphoria” star seems capable of pulling it off! Walton started boxing and gymnastics at the age of 4. Later, he participated in the Youth Olympic Games and won several state events.

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One of Walton’s life goals has been to compete internationally in sports. Even his kindergarten teacher, according to “Men’s Health,” remembered him creating an image of himself as an Olympic medalist standing on a podium in class one day! Additionally, Walton tells “The Face” that as his competition date approaches, “boxing would be 100% the only focus” in case you were wondering how he would balance acting with the Olympics.

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Walton discussed his outstanding boxing career thus far on Steve Harvey’s talk show “Steve” in 2017. Casting director Jennifer Venditti was so impressed with Walton’s interview that she contacted Walton’s father to see if his son would be up for a part in “Euphoria.” Walton’s only previous acting experience at the time was in an Under Armor commercial directed by Johnson and Walton, but that didn’t stop the soon-to-be Ashtray from applying for the role. Since he was cast in “Euphoria,” Walton has also landed roles in “Utopia” and “The Addams Family 2,” and has even modeled with Alex Rodriguez for Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Javon Walton has a twin brotherjavon walton, javon walton movies and tv shows, javon walton's age, javon wants walton, javon walton's twin, how old is javon walton?  ,jaden and javon walton,who is dating javon walton,javon wants walton age,javon wants walton height

Jaden Walton is the twin brother of Gregg DeGuire Walton! Walton captioned a photo of him and his twins on his Instagram in July 2018 with the phrase “Birthday with my twin.” “JDub, nothing can tear us apart. @onwardjdub I adore you. Birthday congratulations. Team up with the Walton tribe.

Javon Walton helped his brother land a role in “Euphoria”

Thanks to the help of his older brother, Walton’s older brother Daelo was able to land a role in one episode as a younger version of Walton’s character, Ashtray. Walton tells “Complex” that Daelo read him a scene and he was so impressed that he sent Daelo’s recording to “Euphoria” author Sam Levinson. Daelo was saying names of drugs and other things, but he really wanted to be an Ashtray baby, according to Walton. Levinson agreed and quickly booked Daelo for the guest appearance on the show.

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Javon Walton’s nickname is “I want”

Walton tells “The Face” that his father taught him that “whatever I want to do, I have to work hard to achieve it,” adding that “when I was very little, I never set limits for myself.” Walton’s father formally gave him the nickname “I want” after observing that Walton took that advice to heart and applied it to all aspects of his life, including boxing and gymnastics. It’s safe to assume that Walton has merit and lives up to the moniker given that he’s only 15 years old and already a champion boxer, an award-winning gymnast, and a TV star on one of today’s most popular shows. He definitely can achieve everything he “wants”.

Javon Walton’s Favorite Boxing Legends Inspire His Performance

Walton revealed to “Men’s Health” that boxer Manny Pacquiao was his first hero. At the age of 2, he used to watch the Pacquiao contest on TV. Walton has since added Julio César Chávez and Mike Tyson, two other boxing greats, to his list of heroes. Despite the fact that all three of these men are athletes, Walton is inspired by each of his individual drives for success and uses them to advance his acting career. At “Complex,” he explains, “you can’t slack off in boxing, it’s the same with acting.” “You have to act in every scene.”

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