KSI Confirmed His Much-Anticipated Comeback To Boxing

In a social media video captioned “I’m back,” he announced his comeback on August 27 against an undisclosed opponent. Given how much the two have trash-talked each other in the past, most fans assumed his opponent would be Jake Paul. According to The Sun, the starfighter confirmed his plans on the unbeaten Paul during KSI’s recent music tour.

“It’s really weird because so many [crap] say, ‘He’s not going to box again, he’ll stay with music,’ and to be honest, I probably could have.” But I said, “Nah, brother, I need to [expletive] Jake Paul up.” So you can bet it’s coming,” KSI stated.

According to the site, the YouTuber flaunted his muscles on stage while performing shirtless. He’d become fitter and seemed to be ready to get into the ring after gaining weight since his previous bout.

KSI’s Previous Boxing Victories

KSI made his ring debut in February 2018 in white-collar combat against internet competitor Joe Weller, winning by TKO in the third round. Later that year, he fought a white-collar draw with Logan Paul, which lasted six rounds. The bout was rated 58-57 for KSI by one judge, and 57-57 by the other two, resulting in a majority tie. There was still a lot of hatred between the two, so a rematch was scheduled for November 9, 2019, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

When they met again in their rematch, the couple decided to enter the professional ranks. It went the full six rounds once again. However, KSI was declared the winner when Logan docked two points for striking KSI in the back of the head in the fourth round. KSI won with scores of 56-55, 57-54, and 55-56 from the three judges. He hasn’t boxed since his victory, but he was scheduled to face his brother Jake.

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Jake Paul Suggestions Alex Wassabi and KSI

Although KSI did not name his opponent, Jake informed The Mirror that it may be Alex Wassabi, even though many believe it is him. Jake is thought to be stepping in to assist with event talks. The British YouTuber and Wassabi have long been enemies, but things heated up when the American YouTuber beat his younger brother Deji Olatunji in his boxing debut in March 2022.

“We’re aiming for the August KSI battle.” I believe that is very possible. It’s only through KSI’s perspective that he enters the boxing ring. “He’s been talking about it for what feels like years,” Jake told The Mirror.


Jake observed that KSI’s ego would most likely crumble if he put down the microphone and picked up the boxing gloves. And the undefeated YouTuber turned boxer believes KSI is hoping to earn money from boxing since his rap career is on the decline. He added that KSI had paid every rapper in the game to perform a feature for him, but that now that he was out of features, the numbers were dropping. Jake stated that his monthly Spotify listeners were gradually dwindling, and no one was talking about his music anymore.

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