Linda Curry Murder: The Mysterious Circumstances

The murder of 50-year-old Linda Curry inside her home in San Clemente, California, in early June 1994, is detailed on NBC’s “Dateline: Toxic Relations.” Although the original investigation and the victim’s acquaintances clearly showed who the killer was, it took police nearly 20 years to apprehend and charge the person. We’ve got you covered if you want to know more about the case, including Linda’s cause of death and who killed her. So let’s get started, okay?

How did Linda Curry die?

Guy Leroy Kilgore and Mary Jane Irvin Kilgore, both deceased, gave birth to Linda Lee Kilgore Curry on February 18, 1944 in Los Angeles County, California. When she was working at Southern California Edison within the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant in the 1960s, she met Merry Seabold, who would become one of her best friends. When Linda’s friend was asked to define herself, she said she was a “fashionista” who always had “nice new outfits with matching shoes, matching bag, matching earrings, and matching bracelets.”

Linda started in an entry-level position, but quickly rose through the ranks, receiving praise from Merry for being an “entrepreneur”. She quickly went through two marriages while quickly climbing the corporate ladder from secretary to management before beginning to date life insurance salesman Bill Sandretto. She had a fantastic personality, she reminded herself. very pretty. We take vacations together. We had a wonderful experience. She didn’t want to get married despite her on-and-off eight years. Bill listed Linda’s excessive spending as another of her top concerns.

The only thing that bothered me was the way he spent the money, Bill said. She planned to use it. Yes, she spent two dollars for every one she earned. When Linda bought a beautiful house in San Clemente, California, her luxury was surpassed. She met Paul Curry, her future husband, in 1989, when she was 45 and he was 32. She was hired by Southern California Edison as a consulting engineer and instructed the power plant’s nuclear engineers on safety-related matters. Merry described how Linda was impressed by Paul’s intelligence and the two immediately fell in love.

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On September 12, 1992, in Las Vegas, after three years of dating, Paul Curry and Linda were married. In the episode, Paul bragged about winning tens of thousands of dollars on “Jeopardy!” twice in the 1980s and belonging to Mensa, an organization for smart people around the world. However, most acquaintances and coworkers agreed that the marriage was more about “comfort” than “passion.”

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In July 1993, just over a year into their marriage, Linda developed stomach problems and required emergency treatment at Samaritan Hospital. Her nurse informed the authorities about the manipulation of the intravenous line and the doctors who attended her feared poisoning. In December 1993, Linda’s enigmatic illness broke out once more, and Paul rushed her to a new hospital in Mission Viejo. Mission Hospital reportedly reported that someone tampered with her IV, according to the episode.

On June 9, 1994, Merry recalled receiving an email from Paul. She said he wrote that his wife was feeling worse than ever and that he was worried about her health. On June 10, around midnight, Paul contacted 911 and claimed that he had woken up with a start to find that Linda had stopped breathing. Emergency personnel took her to Samaritan Hospital, where doctors immediately pronounced her dead. According to Linda’s toxicology result, she had extremely high amounts of nicotine in her system, as well as sleeping pills.

Who killed Linda Curry?

Merry claimed that the Currys’ marriage lacked passion and that Paul seemed indifferent when it came to making love to Linda. She further said that a month after her wedding, Linda told her husband that she should buy a $1 million life insurance policy with him as the beneficiary. She recruited Frankie Thurber, a close friend and co-worker of hers, to move into her house and spy on her husband since she was suspicious of Paul. But by the end of her stay, she had come to the conclusion that Paul seemed to be a devoted husband.

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linda curry facebook, linda curry beverly hillbillies

Frankie claimed that Paul made his wife’s favorite foreign salad dressings and gave her bubble baths. Friends, however, began to wonder about Linda’s two brief illnesses in succession. Merry even claimed that she remembered, on her second visit to her hospital, seeing a sign outside Linda’s room that read: “Paul can’t go in alone.” Also, Linda’s ex-boyfriend, Bill, begged her to leave the house that she and her husband shared. Some of her insurance plans were even changed so that her sister was her beneficiary after he persuaded her to do so.

Since neither Paul nor Linda smoked, Linda’s death from a nicotine overdose seemed strange. Although his wife divided her estate between him and his sister, she was still able to collect $419,000 from two of his life insurance policies and retirement plan after his death. After authorities ran out of leads and suspects, the investigation into Linda’s death was put on hold for several years. But in 2002, Orange County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Yvonne Shull made the decision to reopen the investigation.

as Sergeant Shull followed Paul Curry to Kansas, investigators reviewed the evidence one more time and reinterviewed witnesses. He worked as a building code inspector for the city and resided in Salina with his new wife, Teresa. On November 9, 2010, authorities detained Paul after deciding they had sufficient evidence. The day after Teresa saw him in jail, he made further accusations against himself in a recorded phone conversation with her. Although there was no concrete evidence connecting him to Linda’s murder, the prosecution was certain.

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Paul’s defense attorney argued during his trial in late 2014 that Linda had health problems before marrying her husband and self-administered a nicotine enema. However, the witness for the prosecution, Dr. Neal Benowitz, a renowned specialist and professor of medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, stated that the victim died quickly from nicotine toxicity. Paul was alone with Linda the night of her murder, for which the jury found him guilty of first degree murder with intent to gain. He received life in prison without parole on November 14, 2014.

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