MasterChef Season 1 Cast: Where Are They Now?

‘MasterChef’ is a fantastic cooking reality programme that brings together some of the most well-known figures in the culinary world to find the finest amateur cook in the United States. Tests that are extremely difficult and leave no opportunity for error or carelessness are given to the competitors. But for those hoping to succeed in the culinary industry, the exhibition provides a huge platform. Fans are therefore interested to learn about the post-production destinations of previous contestants. Let’s dive in and discover where the ‘MasterChef’ season 1 cast is currently located.

Where Is Whitney Miller Now?

When Whitney Miller participated in the first season of “MasterChef,” she was only 22 years old. Although she had less experience than others, her drive and dedication allowed her to produce some amazing dishes that set her far apart from the competition and even helped her win the “MasterChef” title. In 2011, Whitney published her first cookbook, “Modern Hospitality: Simple Recipes with Southern Charm,” after finishing her undergraduate degree.

Additionally, she returned to “MasterChef” season 2 that year as a guest and had the competitors make one of her signature meals. Whitney created videos and recipes for a number of businesses over the ensuing years, including SousVide Supreme and Southern Living. In 2013, she served as a featured food expert for Panera Bread and provided multiple cooking lessons on several platforms.

Before publishing her second cookbook in 2015, titled “Whitney Miller’s New Southern Table: My Favourite Family Recipes with a Modern Twist,” Whitney even participated in a number of committees and TV shows. Since then, she has served as a chef for the 4R Restaurant Group, served as a brand ambassador for ENVY Apple, and launched Whitney’s Cookies in 2019. In addition, the Instagram founder and Ryan Humphrey are blessed with three amazing children: Miller, Harrison, and Mackenzie.


Software developer David Miller, who is from Boston, Massachusetts, gave the contest his all and was predicted to win. He was able to wow the judges with his abilities and tenacity, which earned him a spot in the season finale. Whitney Miller, a college student, ultimately defeated him to become the inaugural “MasterChef” champion.

David chose to go back to work as a Principal Engineer at Vistaprint despite becoming a chef of international renown thanks to his debut on “MasterChef.” David made the decision to change jobs in 2020 and found work at Seismic, a Boston-based startup, as a Vertical Owner/Tech Manager. He just shared the ups and downs that have kept him occupied on his Facebook page. The father of two daughters is unfazed despite having to witness his father undergo difficult heart operations. The television host, who resides in Massachusetts with his wife Sarah and their two kids, occasionally shares delectable dishes on social media.

Where Is Lee Knaz Now?

Lee Knaz, a barman from Venice, California, dominated “MasterChef” season 1 and advanced to the top three. Lee was ousted in third place, however his performance faltered towards the end of the contest. After his time on “MasterChef,” Lee started his own catering and food delivery business, Mission Olive LLC, making delectable Mediterranean food available to Los Angeles residents. His business quickly became well-known, and Lee has been highlighted in numerous prominent publications.

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In 2016, he was invited to participate as a panellist on The Mediterranean Diet Roundtable, an occasion where the top names in the American food industry get together to discuss how the Mediterranean diet may offer a well-balanced nutrition programme. Additionally, Lee took on the dual roles of host and chef for the TV programme “Recipe Hunters” in the same year. In his personal life, Lee married the actress Alyshia Ochse in 2015, and the couple welcomed Veeda into the world. However, the pair reportedly filed for divorce in 2020 for unspecified reasons, and the case has since been resolved.

Where is Sheetal Bhagat Now?

Throughout the competition, the Indian-American contender with a gift for symphonic melodies led the pack. Despite finishing in second place, the cooking competition provided her the drive to remove the obstacles off her path. Following the end of a turbulent relationship, Sheetal was able to advance her job. She remained the Director of Choral Activities at SBVS in Illinois until 2015.

Along with a flourishing business, she started a career in music. The television star attended a number of functions and even served as host of NBC’s “Non-Stop Chicago.” Sheetal has collaborated with a variety of producers and songwriters over the years. She is a master of gospel, jazz, rock, choral, and even country music. She founded Spice Note LLC, her spirits company, in 2014. The University of Michigan alumna, who lives in Chicago with her husband, an architect, and their son, keeps discovering new chances.

Where is Sharone Hakman Now?

After being fired from his position as a financial advisor, Sharone made the decision to try out for “MasterChef.” The outcome of this choice eventually determined his career future. Since he first participated in the cooking competition years ago, Sharone has succeeded as a chef and a television personality by utilising his multidisciplinary skills. Since then, he has worked as a host and judge for NBC, National Geographic, and The Food Network. Sharone still credits his grandmother as the source of his original motivation to enter the kitchen when weaving his generational traditions.

The television personality continues to include their traditional cooking techniques into his practise despite being the grandson of Holocaust survivors. As founder, he is currently in charge of running Chef Hak’s. In 2014, he introduced the sauce and dressing company Chef Hak’s. Since then, dozens of American retailers have started carrying his distinctive sauces and salad dressings. On a personal level, Sharone has a similar sense of excitement and contentment with his wife, Monica, and their two sons. The inventor of Instagram also organises regional gatherings and offers online master lessons to followers.

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Where is Mike Kim Now?

Following his sixth-place finish in the contest, Mike Kim opened his pop-up restaurant in Los Angeles. The chef founded RnD Table, a specifically designed dining pop-up, in cooperation with his friend. The television star has kept his personal details private ever since its closure in 2011. Mike has previously held positions as a server at The Bazaar at the SLS Hotel and various other illustrious locations. Additionally, he has experience working as an executive chef for the events company Plan on Q. He currently runs his own private cooking business called The EpiQurean Way.

Where is Jake Gandolfo Now?

Jake began his career in the restaurant business after quitting his job in construction. Since leaving the programme, Jake has worked on a number of events to demonstrate his prowess in the kitchen. He also played Bobby Flay in “Beat Bobby Flay,” and he began working as Blackboard Barbeque’s Pit Master. Jake, who resides in Idaho, is the ranch’s owner and chef at the moment. The television celebrity enjoys spending time with his partner, Stef Brown, in addition to his flourishing job.

Where is Tracy Nailor Now?

Tracy decided to leave her work in healthcare behind in order to use “MasterChef” to broaden her skill set. Unfortunately, a flopped pasta dish led to her leaving. The television star hasn’t let that stop her, though. The John Hopkins alumna resumed her career in medicine and returned to the field. She has worked as a Medical Consultant and an Adjunct Professor over the years, sharing her experience with others.

Tracy currently serves as the Medical Director at Aetna, a division of CVS Health. Additionally active, she has a growing following on Instagram where she posts little glimpses into her life. Tracy enjoys spending time with her son Bryce in addition to producing the podcast “Profession to Passion.” The media star also maintains her love of cooking and exercise.

Where is Kim Dung “Slim” Huynh Now?

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Kim Dung, who was still a college student at the time of her appearance, impressed everyone with her in-depth understanding of flavour. However, the Louisiana native eventually went back home following a passion fruit fondue disaster. She stopped watching television and went back to school to complete her degree. As far as we can determine, Kim Dung completed her degree while also working part-time at a restaurant. As far as we can determine, she is currently a happy mother of two beautiful daughters.

Where is Anthony “Tony” Carbone Now?

Tony left his career in national radio sales behind and enrolled in the Cambridge Culinary School to follow his love. Soon after leaving “MasterChef,” he made the decision to incorporate his passion for pizza into his job. He started Boston’s The Urban Epicurean, a pizzeria. The restaurant can be reserved for parties and public events in addition to serving a wide spectrum of customers. Tony, who is based in the Greater Boston Area, is still committed to growing his company. In addition, the television celebrity is a devoted husband and father of two kids. The family also takes care of Wally, their dog.

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Where is Faruq Jenkins Now?

Faruq, a barman in California, relocated there after earning his BFA from New York and London. Faruq may have considered a career in cooking, but he ultimately chose to work in the entertainment industry. He has been in “New Girl,” “NCIS,” “The Shield,” and “Cold Case” since leaving “MasterChef.” Additionally, he has provided voices for video games and animation projects. The Discovery and Science Channels’ ‘Battlebots’ ring announcer is Faruq. The television star has a happy personal life as well. He is wed to Leslie Miller, and the two of them have a kid together named Sylas Jahi-Asim Jenkins.

Where is Jenna Hamiter Now?

After a successful run on “MasterChef,” Jenna started considering a career in show business. Her career was launched when she acted in the short film “The Procession and the Bells.” Jenna works as a model and actor for Kim Dawson and is based in Dallas, Texas. The mother-of-three and her real estate agent husband Wes are equally content.

Where is Avis White Now?

Avis, who had previously been a law student, a teacher, a mother, and a wife, discovered her calling after seeing an advertisement for “MasterChef” auditions. After leaving the cooking programme, the native of Louisiana is now in charge of operations at Avis’ Restaurant and Lounge at the Quality Inn Hotel in LaPlace. She has additionally appeared on “The Nola Home Show” on HGTV. The chef wants to provide for her consumers while preserving the true flavour of Southern cuisine.

Where is Sheena Zadeh Now?

Although she was motivated to participate on “MasterChef” by her emotional connections to her family, the Los Angeles-based television personality still had a number of important milestones to reach. Sheena started her beauty company, Kosas, five years after leaving the cookery programme. The skincare and cosmetics company gained popularity after TikTok users started using its Revealer Concealer.

Sheena, who has a background in biological sciences, has successfully combined the distinctive characteristics of many skin tones and types with the demands of contemporary beauty. Her company not only collaborates with merchants like Credo and Goop, but Sephora as well. She has additionally been on the podcast “Second Life.” Sheena continues to incorporate her Iranian ancestry into her work and life while living in Brooklyn with her husband Brian and their baby.

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