MasterChef Season 11: Where Are the Talented Contestants Now?”

‘MasterChef’ shows a group of home cooks compete in a series of challenges for a prize of $250,000 while conceptualising and executing delicacies worthy of upscale restaurants. The top 20 contenders, who were picked from a pool of cooks across the nation, centre the cooking competition. The participants learn that completing the assignment is more difficult when they put their best effort forward in pressure tests and mystery boxes. Season 11 of the reality television programme will premiere in 2021 and has a compelling premise. Therefore, if you’re interested in learning more about the candidates or their whereabouts, look no further since we have all the information you need right here!

Where is Kelsey Murphy Now?

The physical therapist from Fishers, Indiana, dominated the “MasterChef” kitchen by continually impressing the judges with her culinary skills. Kelsey was pregnant and suffered an on-camera injury, yet she still managed to master the four-course feast that stood between her and the victory. She has started her own private catering company since winning the competition. In 2022, Kelsey launched Inspo, an Indianapolis pop-up restaurant, at Fishers Test Kitchen. Since then, the media star has worked hard to grow her local food stands. Additionally, she has started a career as a television personality.


Additionally, viewers and readers can catch Kelsey preparing delectables on portions of the local morning shows on Fox and CBS. She has additionally participated in “United Tastes of America” as a guest judge. The Real Eats podcast’s co-host is the creator of Instagram. Along with having a varied career, Kelsey also has a happy home life with her husband Brandon, their kids Lucas, Aniston, and Maddox. Naturally, the wife, mother, and cook will have many opportunities in the future.

Where is Autumn Moretti Now?

Autumn was a fan favourite all the way through thanks to her charming personality. The Boston-based media personality decided to give cooking a go after beginning her career as a barman. The dog mom has resumed her bartending career after the series finale. Autumn is a gamer who also manages a budding job as a chef. She frequently updates fans on her gaming exploits.

The developer of OnlyFans has also been a guest on Derrick Fox’s programme. Autumn enjoys relaxing and hanging out with her pals when she’s not working or producing material for her social media channels. Not only that, but the television celebrity is a fervent traveller who frequently takes off with her pals to charming locales.

Where is Suu Khin Now?

Suu was able to impart the genuine flavour of Myanmar onto the platter because to her expertise in Burmese cuisine. Suu started learning to cook at the age of 8 under the guidance of her grandmother. Following the show’s conclusion, Suu started Burmalicious, a personal blog where she shares authentic Burmese dishes. She also provides services as a private chef and recipe developer.

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Suu not only does this, but she also frequently hosts pop-up meals and provides pick-up services all across Houston. Up to seven dishes may be served at these events. The Houston Tastemaker Awards have also nominated the television personality for best pop-up. She is a supporter of the causes that have heightened unrest in Myanmar. Suu likes to hang out with her friends and go to games in addition to working.

Where is Alejandro Valdivia Now?

The expert animal trainer finished fourth in season 11 and even made an appearance in season 12 of the programme to demonstrate his advanced skill set. He ultimately exited ‘MasterChef: Back to Win’ in 18th place. The television star is still pursuing a number of chances, though. He resumed his career as a hunter, fisherman, and animal trainer after the show’s conclusion. The outdoorsman also produces content on YouTube and Instagram.

Fans can also shop for Alejandro’s suggested items on his website, A Wild Chef Kitchen. In addition to working with animals, Alejandro has provided catering on film shoots. He served as the Head Chef for the “John Wick: Chapter 4” New York Unit. On “Power,” he has also offered his catering skills. He also challenged on “Ultimate Beastmaster” at the end. He enjoys spending time with his partner and dog, Mako, when he is not busy with work or other obligations.

Where is Michael Newman Now?

The life coach and relationship expert was ultimately fired from the competition after an unanticipated mistake during a mystery assignment. Since the conclusion, Michael has resumed counselling couples and assisting them in having a successful and loving relationship. The social media company JerseyStyle is run by Michael and his wife, Basia, who provide couples with a fresh viewpoint.

The pair even provides cooking classes, introductions to tantric practises, and lectures on fitness. Michael operates as a private chef out of Asbury. The designer of the Cameo is also an Instagram creator who works with several companies. With multiple mentions scattered throughout prestigious publications, Michael is expanding his services by adding value.

Where is Abe Konick Now?


Abe developed his skills while working as a Sous Chef at Smoke and Salt, a Michelin-starred restaurant in London, after receiving his training at Le Cordon Bleu London. After the show ended, Abe began working at New York University as an undergraduate peer mentor and a teaching assistant in the food lab.

He is currently a part-time instructor at the esteemed university and is dedicated to working with students to reduce food insecurity. As a Chef Instructor at Eataly in New York City, Abe is enriching the eating experience by going back to his culinary roots. Additionally, he offers catering and private dining to clients.

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Where is Anne Hicks Now?

The native of Michigan was eliminated from the competition when the judges weren’t satisfied with her elaborate Japanese supper. Following the performance, Anne started working at Boarderie, the pioneer of pre-assembled artisan cheese and charcuterie boards. Additionally, she has worked with the spice company Wurzpott. The cameo maker and the loser, Autumn, are close friends. The two pals even have an Instagram profile where they update followers on their trips. Anne enjoys a happy home life with her husband Jeff, their two sons, and their dog in addition to her job.

Where is Joseph Manglicmot Now?

After over ten years of working in the oil and gas industry, Joseph made the decision to pursue his ambition of becoming a chef. Due to his inability to coordinate with his companion and produce an identical meal, he was finally eliminated. After the contest, Joseph went back to work at Chaniere Energe as a Senior Engineer. Joseph is a co-owner of Naga Food Co., a food and beverage business where readers and fans may buy specifically selected Southeast Asian sauces, along with Suu Khin. Joseph, who is based in Texas, has continued to pursue his love of cooking and currently works with nearby eateries like 93’Til, Meat Mafia, and The Ivy House.

Where is Lexy Rogers Now?

Lexy was a tough competitor in the tournament despite being the youngest female contestant in her season. She started growing her career in the industry once the season ended. She has even written a cookbook titled “Break Bread on a Budget” and currently works as a celebrity chef. Lewis, a military spouse, and the media celebrity have four children together: Luke, Lena, Luna, and Lael. In addition, Lexy keeps updating her blog and posting recipes on Instagram.

Where is Tay Westberry Now?

Tay was removed from the competition due to a technological issue after erroneously using every component Jonathan had selected. Taylor has resumed her DJ career since the event. Currently, the television personality spins records for Tylyn Music. He has also continued to improve his culinary abilities. The chef’s Not Just Omaha Eats Instagram page features reviews of mouthwatering fare. Tay runs a candle company as well. In addition to employment, he enjoys spending time with Taylere Elizabeth, his girlfriend.

Where is Miles Gateff Now?

Miles wasn’t discouraged even though he had failed to win first place. After quitting the cooking contest, Miles went back to his job as a gamer. He streams on Twitch in addition to being a YouTube creator. The television star still enjoys cooking and frequently shares recipes and cooking tutorials on his social media accounts. He enjoys experimenting with remodelling and restructuring when he isn’t preoccupied with professional commitments. Mike enjoys spending time with his bird companions, Blue and Orange, and he is also a duck father. In addition, he works as a business consultant and tutor for international finance.

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Where is Matt Gagnon Now?

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The Connecticut-based builder was finally booted off the show because he overcooked the meat. Matt took part in an interview with Fox 61 following the conclusion of the programme. The television personality has, however, generally avoided the media. Unfortunately, he also lacks a social media account to inform his followers of any recent developments in his life. As far as we can determine, Matt has resumed his construction job.

Where is Mary Jayne Buckingham Now?

In Episode 6, the pie expert abruptly departed the programme. Many people had noticed the Southern belle’s departure as well. Mary Jayne brought a claim against the show’s creators soon after the season ended. According to the docs, the show’s producers prevented her from receiving the medical attention she required after having a stroke. Mary Jayne appears to have recovered, albeit the specifics of the case are now closed. However, the mother, grandmother, and pet parent are all still growing faster in various spheres of life. The reigning National Pie Champion enjoys relaxing and spending time with her loved ones.

Where is Annai Gonzalez Now?

Annai hoped to win the top prize before quitting her work as a legal assistant. She was, however, finally eliminated due to a cheesecake mishap. Annai has nonetheless been able to advance both personally and professionally. Annai not only honours her Mexican heritage through her cuisine, but she also shares original recipes with followers. The television celebrity just got engaged to Javier Trejo and runs a bakery called Flick of Da Whisk. On her page, Annai shares her own personal picks for readers and fans.

Where is Elyce Wooten Now?

While Elyce’s dessert impressed judges during the auditions, she struggled when it came to making fish tacos. The mother-of-four has been a digital developer since the end of the show. Elyce provides her readers and followers with a variety of recipes and desserts in addition to lifestyle advice and hacks. The television personality routinely showcases a visual diary on her social media, exhibiting her skills in photography, styling, and cuisine. Elyce also enjoys spending time with her family and hubby. The duo frequently embarks on new adventures together and enjoys travelling.

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