My Time At Sandrock: What Are Fireside Meetings?

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Being part of a close-knit community has its perks in My Time At Sandrock. This includes getting to know the people around you, reaping additional benefits for building relationships, and growing closer to your favorite residents in town. While there are ways to quickly develop relationships with many people, one of the best ways to connect with the town is through Fireside Meetings.



Spending time with your neighbors and friends will help you deepen your connection to the town and its people, which has its own unique benefits. Taking advantage of this can help you process through the game smoothly as well as expand your enjoyment of the game as a whole.

How To Unlock Fireside Meetings

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You’ll unlock these meetings shortly after arriving in Sandrock. After completing Becoming Official, you’ll get a letter in the mail letting you know that there will be a Fireside Meeting to welcome the new builders.

The game will give you an alert about an hour before the meeting starts as a reminder.

Fireside Meetings are missable, so keep an eye on your time if you want to attend.

These meetings start at 18:00 promptly, though you can show up later. They will also end at 19:55 sharp, regardless of when you arrive to the meeting. Each meeting will discuss whatever is new and important happening in town so that everyone’s on the same page.

As you progress through the main story, you’ll have more Fireside Meetings that occur with more pressing news than the weekly updates.

Where Do Fireside Meetings Occur?

City Hall in My Time At Sandrock

Fireside meetings will happen outside of Sandrock City Hall, on Main Street in the center of town. All you need to do is walk up to the gathered crowd to trigger the event.

Matilda informs you that these meetings happen weekly on Sundays, though events related to the main missions may prompt Fireside Meetings to occur outside the set schedule.

Due to the nature of Fireside Meetings, you may need to delay quests or events without time frames so that they do not overlap. Remember to save often!

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