My Time At Sandrock: What Are Workshop Inspections?

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Being a builder is an essential part of My Time At Sandrock, but there’s more to it than just building new creations for your workshop or helping repair parts of the town. Once your workshop reaches the right rank, you can help inspect the work of others from the Commerce Guild. Here, you’ll examine one perfect piece of work, and one that needs some more attention to detail.



Don’t worry, it’s not as difficult as it seems. We’ve outlined how to unlock the Workshop Inspections and how to find the flaws in your fellow guild member’s work so that you don’t have to stress.

How To Unlock Workshop Inspections

Sandrock Commerce Guild in My Time At Sandrock

Within your first week at Sandrock, you’ll receive a letter from Yan about Workshop Inspections (also known as guild inspections). While you’re unable to participate now, it’s worth noting this information for the future.

You unlock Workshop Inspections at rank two.

Every Saturday and Sunday, items from all over the Eufala will be submitted for you to inspect for imperfections.

Increasing your Workshop Rankings can be done by completing commissions. You’ll know you’ve reached the next rank when you get a letter in the mail from the Sandrock Commerce Guild congratulating you.

You can check your rankings before the end of the month by visiting the Commerce Guild building and interacting with the rankings board.

How To Find The Flaws

Once you unlock Workshop Inspections, visit the Commerce Guild on a weekend to participate. The items to be inspected will be up the first set of stairs on display tables.

Each has a sign to show you which ones are complete and which ones need to be inspected. Once you begin, you will have two minutes to find the flaws. If you get anything wrong, don’t worry: you have five tries to find the flaws.

As you grow and develop your workshop, the inspections will become harder. Take your time and make sure to move and rotate the item to see where the flaws are.

What Are The Rewards For Workshop Inspections?

Complete Workshop Inspections in My Time At Sandrock

For your efforts, you’ll receive Commerce Badges. These Commerce Badges can be exchanged for unique rewards in the Commerce Guild by visiting the shop.

You’ll also be awarded EXP and Gols, with a small boost to your workshop’s reputation. It might take you a while to save the Commerce Badges, but these rewards are only found in the Commerce Guild, so it’s worth the extra visit on your weekend.

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