Pavetta in The Witcher: Unraveling her story

‘The Witcher’ on Netflix tells the story of Princess Cirilla of Cintra, whose life is turned upside down when battle approaches her doorstep. Ciri finally discovers that her powers are to blame for the war that is destroying the continent. She is a valuable asset to anyone who can get their hands on her due to her tangled family history and the possibility that she could save or endanger the world. Ciri was raised by her grandmother and thought that her parents had passed away. ‘The Witcher’ season 2 ends with the revelation that her father is still alive and intends to rule the continent. However, this does not explain what she happened to her mother, Pavetta. Has she really left? How was she killed? WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS

How did Pavetta die?

Queen Calanthe of Cintra, a strong-willed woman who ruled her country with an iron fist, was Pavetta’s mother. When Calanthe learned that Pavetta had fallen in love with Duny, an anthropomorphic hedgehog, her plan for her daughter was thwarted. Calanthe agrees to marry them despite her misgivings, and when Pavetta kisses Duny, she becomes human. It turns out that the queen’s blessing lifted the curse from him and returned him to his old self. Later, it became apparent that Duny was hiding more than just the curse.

Emhyr, the prince of Nilfgaard, who had been cursed and exiled from the kingdom by the usurper who had usurped his father’s throne, was Duny. He was hiding in Cintra because he knew he couldn’t come home until the curse was broken. He married Pavetta, had a daughter named Ciri, and then returned to normal life before going on a journey with his family. Everyone soon learned that there were no survivors after the ship ran into a storm. Things get challenging at this point.

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Ciri was meant to be on board the ship when her parents were killed. But at the last second, Pavetta changed her mind and decided to leave her daughter in Cintra in Calanthe’s care. She did this because, as it later turned out, she was right in believing that her husband was up to something. Although the details of what happened the day Pavetta died are still unknown on the show, the books she relies on state that she was murdered by her husband.

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Although it takes years for Ciri’s abilities to become apparent and for people to realize that she is related to Ithlinne’s prophecy, certain people knew about it long before. One of them was Vilgefortz and Duny aka Emhyr. Vilgefortz was aware of Ciri’s abilities and intended to make use of them. In order to retake Nilfgaard and gain control of the entire continent, he went in search of Emhyr and showed him the way for her. He tricked Emhyr into believing that her and Ciri’s child was the one Ithlinne foretold by manipulating the meaning of the prophecy.

Vilgefortz and Emhyr agreed to stage the deaths of Duny, Pavetta, and Ciri while the plan was still in its infancy and Ciri was still a child so that they could start working on their plans in secret, away from the rest of the world. But when Pavetta found out about her, she was horrified by what her husband had in store for her daughter. She came to the conclusion that Cintra was the only place where Ciri could be safe. Calanthe would never abandon her granddaughter.

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Emhyr understood what Pavetta had done once their boat left the shore. The pair got into a furious fight as a result of this, and things quickly got out of hand. Emhyr admits in the books that Pavetta fell off the ship and perished in the water. However, she doesn’t say if she did it on purpose. She claims that his wife’s death was an accident, not a deliberate act. However, for her to accept her version of events from someone as dishonest as he would be unwise. The TV show could clarify this or even change the facts to fit with the novels’ story deviation. But the fact is that Pavetta died that day, unlike Emhyr, who faked her own death and survived.

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