Peppa Pig is subversive: censored in China

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Peppa Pig, the much-loved protagonist of the British cartoon, has been banned from Chinese social media. Noticing the censorship, many users noticed the disappearance of the clips with the cute little pig. The reason? Behaviors, attitudes and speeches that are too ‘subversive’.

Arriving in China only in 2015, Peppa has never ceased to be a very successful cartoon: last year it generated revenue of 7 billion yuan (over $1 billion). Mailaina drives Chinese people crazy, not only children, but also teenagers and web stars. Result? Booming sales of character-themed accessories: from toys to clothing.

as reported, the characters that accompany her, however, have increasingly become the protagonists of parodies that, with increasing frequency, refer to content of a sexual nature. Peppa Pig reports the global timesin the end it was compared to “subversive tones” capable, given the virality of the phenomenon, of “penalizing the positive morality of society”.

Accusations have been leveled from the People’s Daily against the pig of feeding youth in a subculture hostile to the values ​​of the Communist Party of China, so much so as to distance them from the “core values ​​of socialism.”

It is not the first time Peppa has been attacked. In 2014, an Italian lady had sued the famous little pig because in the series there was a character with the same name as her: Gabriella Capra.Listen to the news commented by Luciana Littizzetto below!

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