Phasmophobia: Experience And Money Changes, Explained

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Money is incredibly important in a game like Phasmophobia where any equipment you purchase can be completely wiped out in one game if you are not careful. This has always been especially punishing for new players prone to dying to the ghostly presence and not having a backlog of items readily available.



With the 0.9.0 Ascension update, progression and money have been completely reworked to give you more opportunities to level up and earn spare cash. You will still need to work for it, but you will see your efforts paying off more clearly.

How Money Has Changed In Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia debrief screen pointing out that XP earned matches Money earned

With the new system, money earned is directly linked to experience-earned. This means that for every experience point you earn, you earn a dollar.

The more you accomplish, the higher the XP. The higher the XP, the higher the payout. Every little thing counts.

For example, finding a bone on the smallest maps earns you $25 just for collecting it, so make sure you find it in every playthrough.

How To Earn Money Fast In Phasmophobia

The Phasmophobia truck boards displaying objectives and tasks

Much like the game before the 0.9.0 update, you have options for earning money.

The difference now is how much you earn. You still have daily objectives, weekly objectives, tasks, and evidence experience, but each one earns you significantly more.

For example, discovering what type of ghost you are dealing with will earn you a minimum of $100 and 100 XP on a small map with amateur difficulty.

Previously, you could earn as little as $10 for figuring out the ghost. All objectives and tasks follow a similar path, earning you much more and rewarding you well for surviving the frights.

If you are looking to earn money fast, make sure you do the following:

  • Find evidence and identify the ghost
  • Take photos of evidence, bones, used crucifixes, and ghosts
  • Complete your daily objectives
  • Play on a higher difficulty to earn a multiplier

Combine your efforts as best as you can, all while ensuring you correctly identify the ghost. Use your knowledge of ghost behaviour to speed up the process.

Going for the Perfect Investigation bonus may sound appealing, but you are more likely to die in the process.

Playing on a higher difficulty while completing your objectives is your best bet for earning high amounts of cash without wasting money repurchasing equipment.

How Do Multipliers Work?

Phasmophobia Bone Picture

Remember, bone evidence will not be multiplied as of the 0.9.0 update.

The difficulty you select counts as a multiplier for your money and experience earned. Standard difficulties will multiply your experience as follows:

  • Amateur – x1 multiplier
  • Intermediate – x2 multiplier
  • Professional – x3 multiplier
  • Nightmare – x4 multiplier
  • Insanity – x6 multiplier

For even greater success, try out custom difficulty. With the correct settings, you can earn up to 15 times your experience.

On the other hand, playing with item loss or hunts turned off will earn you a 0x multiplier. In other words, you will not earn XP.

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