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New Pokemon games and fans finding the fastest ways to catch rare and shiny variants. Name one more iconic duo, right? Fortunately, Pokemon Sleep continues the time-honoured tradition of including glitters. So if you find yourself hooked like a Magikarp on Niantic’s bar, setting your phone to record your sleep patterns every night without fail, you can count on shining… one day.


There are ways to improve your odds. As of this writing, Pokémon Sleep is still less than a week on the market, but players have been putting things together at an impressive rate. Here’s everything we currently know about how to spawn shiny Pokémon… while you sleep!

Increases Snorlax’s sleepy power.

Feeding Snorlax in Pokémon Dream

The higher Snorlax’s sleepy power, the more Pokemon will come hang out with him while you sleep. After all, this is how we catch new Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep. Increase the number of friends that are likely to approach your sleeping Snorlax, and naturally the percentage of a shiny being among them will improve.

Early estimates put the bright odds at around 1 in 450, though this is just an estimate at this point. That said, while it’s arguably anecdotal evidence, players seem to be finding Flashes at a slightly faster rate than in Pokémon GO, with its roughly 1 in 500 scale. So, you’re tracked!

Okay, back to the whole eating thing. You can feed the Snorlax for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on your island, though not need to feed him anything. But letting him eat berries and cook dishes to satisfy his big appetite up to those three full meals a day will increase his ability to attract Pokémon. That’s it: more food means more Pokémon.

In addition to feeding Snorlax, you should also have a supply of cookies to improve its chances of befriending a visiting Pokemon.

Sleep better

Ash and Pikachu getting ready to sleep in the lab in the Pokemon anime

If this were any other game, you’d think we’re kidding. But no, you’ll increase your chances of shining simply by sleeping better. How does it work? Well, it’s like a mealtime tip again. It’s not that the app is programmed to prioritize shiny appearance rates for any particular reason; instead, you are maximizing the number of Pokemon that could appear.

Remember that Pokemon Sleep records your sleep score and awards sleep points accordingly. That sleep score improves the odds that a Pokemon will be present when you wake up, and how many Pokemon there are, and so on. You can get up to 100 sleep points per session, which requires a full eight and a half hours.

While more than eight hours of reasonably uninterrupted sleep may be impossible for some, if you don’t manyIt’s important to note, players, that you can split this into two sessions each day. That means a little over four hours, two or six hours, and then two and a half hours, or whatever it takes to get to that 8.5 hour minimum.

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