pp Is ‘Gabin Society’ based on a real online group? Exploring the truth behind the series

‘Celebrity’, a South Korean drama series on Netflix about e-celebs in Soeul, focuses on the life of Seo Ah-ri, the country’s top influencer, who challenges the status quo throughout her career. Ah-ri, an ordinary office worker, navigates the city’s elegant high society after inadvertently discovering her rise to popularity with the help of an anonymous blogger. Once she’s successful, she makes the decision to share the industry’s dirty little secrets via live stream online, which could drastically alter the way people view celebrity culture.

The drama, which centers on Seo Ah-ri, uses an influential group known as “The Gabin Society” to represent the archetypal cruel female group that Ah-ri must contend with on her journey to fame. Viewers should be interested in whether the organization has a grounding in reality due to the group’s online relevance reflecting characteristics of real-life online culture. Here is everything we know!

Is the Gabin Society a true online group?

The Gabin Society is not based on a real internet community, sorry. ‘Celebrity’ Jin Chae-Hee, the anonymous leader of the influencer group Gabin Society, joins Oh Min-Hye, Ji-Na, Angela and Han Yu-Rang. With the aim of promoting each other’s social media accounts, the organization is made up of internet celebrities with huge followings. To maintain the group’s brand, group members also work together to drive engagement and show a close-knit friendship online.

Although there is no real-life Gabin Society influencer organization, the idea of ​​online squads or groups is widespread. Since the popularity of TikTok, there have been various “Content Houses” on the internet, with friendship groups such as “The Hype House” and “Offline TV”. These types of collaborative groups, unlike the Gabin Society, generally tend to be much more open and honest about their collaborative efforts, but have the same goal.

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Similarly, influencers occasionally want to be more covert about their partnerships and their connection feels much more natural and organic. In the South Korean influencer scene, Joanday and her friends Dahyeshka, Gemjem and Kindacool are a good example of the same. Due to their close relationships and friendships, these influencers frequently appear in each other’s feeds without any effort.

While ‘Celebrity’ was quite open about fabricating Gabin Society courtesies to benefit the camera, the veracity of such influential organizations varies in real life. However, the goal remains the same. Influencers can increase their visibility and engagement online through such teamwork while showcasing a relatable aspect of their personal lives through these friendships. It’s a fantastic marketing tool, but it also inexorably encourages the development of online cliques with active fan bases.

Due to the fact that the main focus of the show is fame within the Soeul community, it uses its residents to illustrate many facets of social media culture. The story with the Gabin Society looks at the benefits and privileges that people who are born with money receive. It also emphasizes the exclusionary language associated with classism. Additionally, members of the Gabin Society investigate topics of enmity, betrayal, and deceit. Illustrating the dark and pampered side of success, these themes are also prevalent in fiction about elite social groups.

The Gabin Society of “Celebrity” therefore has a relationship with reality even if it is not based on a really influential organization. The Gabin Society is a social media mainstay that draws on real life for its intellectual underpinnings. In doing so, it also examines familiar themes and internal character dynamics that create a captivating backdrop for the show’s dramatic plotlines.

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