RC Racing 3D MOD APK (Unlock All Machine) 1.1.7

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RC Racing 3D MOD APK (Unlock All Machine) 1.1.7

Name RC Racing 3D APK
Publisher SAT-BOX
Version 1.1.7
Size 129M
Category Racing
MOD Features Unlock All Machine
Support Android 6.0+
Get it on Google Play


RC Racing 3D MOD APK – this is your chance to express yourself through thrilling races. Gamers will experience a sense of speed and challenge that cannot be found anywhere else. Especially, there are more than 50 types of buggies, including racing cars and trucks for everyone to choose according to their preferences or style. Explore many new lands from city tracks to wild country terrain. Offers a diverse range of environments to conquer and achieve. This is an essential and attractive factor with drift phases, considered the key to winning the race.

Besides, the graphics are designed to be realistic, vivid and beautiful. Gamers can enjoy sharp images with details such as road surfaces, lines and surroundings. It can be seen as clearly as smoke from the vehicle’s exhaust when accelerating or braking. Light effects and shadows give the most lifelike feel, with depth to the landscape. The sound is also carefully cared for, from the powerful throttle sound to the wheel rotation on the bends. There are also exciting events with many valuable rewards to earn more points and collect more cars.

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Download RC Racing 3D MOD APK – Enjoy the challenging and fast races

Get ready for adventurous and dramatic racing matches. Sit behind the wheel of RC supercars at high speed. You will have to go through many beautiful and extreme race tracks. Traverse rough terrain from dazzling city streets to winding desert roads. Everyone’s flair and driving skills will be balanced in the race. Face many cunning opponents and many tricks to surpass us. Knowing how to use nitro skillfully to increase speed, drift through tricky turns, and avoid obstacles is necessary. Take advantage of the car’s curving ability to wriggle to the 1st position.

RC Racing 3D mod min

Starting with low level races

In this stage, the tracks are pretty straightforward, not too difficult. As well as to get used to driving the car in the best way. The main goal is to complete with good results and get a high rank. Earn experience points and bonuses to unlock faster and more durable cars. The junior racing competition will unlock more advanced stages with progress and success. From there, you will become a formidable figure in RC racing. The more advanced races mean the task will be challenging because these tournaments usually race for a long time. It needs players to seize the opportunity and take advantage of good turns.

RC Racing 3D mod free min

Supercar upgrade and maintenance

Vehicle engine enhancements to enhance performance and speed. Help the car have a faster speed capable of overcoming powerful opponents. Improved steering control and control over long distances and multiple turns. Can change colors, and add textures and brands. Or design your own to create a unique car with its style. Choose an excellent chassis to increase the durability and impact resistance of the car in tough and fiery races. Will give you a great experience of the speed of the car and the superiority on the track.

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Fierce crazy racing

This is a higher challenge corresponding to the luxury reward. On the roads there will be bumpy sandy beaches and zigzag curves. This may lead to the driver losing control easily on slippery road surfaces. From the elevated railway arcs and the sprawling suburban expanses. This place is not only a speed race but also has to make good use of skill, alertness and determination. Show your superior steering wheel skills, overcome all challenges and become the champion of the world’s top racing tournaments.

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Fight with the deadly death

Race day has finally arrived, and you must face the toughest task. This is a race that is not only about going fast to the finish line but also about survival. Competitors will attack from all sides, trying to collide and push everyone off the track to take first place. Not only weighing life and death but demanding we take every opportunity to turn the situation around. Prepare your mind and spirit to become the ultimate winner and deserve the title of notorious racer on all fronts. This is a once-in-a-lifetime mission and enjoy the speed racing at RC Racing 3D MOD APK.

Download RC Racing 3D MOD APK (Unlock All Machine) for Android


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