Remembering Ella French: The Brave Police Officer Who Made a Difference

One of the female police officers that died on Saturday, August 7, 2021 while carrying out their official responsibilities was Ella French. After a traffic stop and shooting, 29-year-old Ella French was shot and killed.

The Chicago Police Department announced it on Facebook on Sunday night. Because she risked her life to save others, she set an admirable example for everyone, and the department will never forget her bravery.

We must support her family as we lament the loss of the hero, the Chicago police declared.

The department reports that her hospitalized lover is currently struggling for his life and is in need of prayers.

Andrew French, French’s brother, asserts that his sister has always aspired to transform the world.

He went on to claim that he was never surprised when French told him she wanted to be a sheriff and afterwards a police officer. To find out more about Ella French’s early years, spouse, child, and other topics, keep reading!

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— Chicago Police Foundation (@CPDFoundation) August 25, 2023

Happy birthday Ella French.

Today would have been Ella French’s 32nd birthday.

May she rest in eternal peace. She is missed.#Chicago

— 16th & 17th District Chicago Police Scanner (@CPD1617Scanner) September 1, 2023

Who Was Chicago Police Officer Ella French?

Officer Ella French was one of the Chicago Police Department’s distinguished officers.

She was one of the top police officers the department employed. However, little information about the officer’s personal life has come to light.

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Several news outlets and journalists are making attempts to get her information as you read this story, nevertheless.

When accurate and verifiable information is available, her wiki and bio will be updated.

Ella French’s Early Life

Ella was barely 29 when she died while carrying out her duties. She took in both of French’s siblings, raising them with love and compassion.

She raised them to be a part of service, to care, and to have integrity, claims Andrew French.

He also revealed that his sister was neither married nor did she have any children. Andrew French claimed that even when no one was looking, his sister always behaved honorably.

She believed in the goodness of people and in herself. She also believed that children should be taken care of, which motivated her to aid people rather than imprison them.

Ella French The Story Behind the Whole Tragedy

According to Brown, one of the officers, Ella French, had been employed by the Chicago Police Department since April 2018 while her injured partner had been there for six years.

In addition, after Chicago police stopped a car on the south side at 9 p.m. on Saturday, Ella French and an unnamed male officer were shot.

In West Englewood, they were joined by two men and a woman. The man traveler released the fire lock. One suspect was being stroked while the officers exchanged fire.

Although the identities and charges against the three individuals have not been made public, they are all in police custody.

According to one of the police officers who spoke to the media, the detectives are currently going over the nearby camera footage.

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The firearm was discovered there. The policeman said that the injured officer was quite ill and needed prayers when asked about his condition.

He also commended the police officers for reporting to work following such a tragic occurrence.

The policeman gave the country the wise counsel to surround itself with law enforcement officials and to assist them in their outstanding work.

Ella French Murder Suspects

At the press conference, Mayor Lori Lightfoot formally declared Sunday, August 8, 2021, a day of mourning and ordered all city buildings to fly their flags at half-staff. Although all three suspects have been located, no one knows their names.

One suspect in the 2019 robbery case has a limited criminal history, Officer Brown said reporters. None of the three people has a very bad criminal history.

Between Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 10 a.m., the Chicago Sun-Times reported 45 shootings.

Ella French: How old was she?

At age 29, French passed away on August 7, 2021. 1992 marked the year of her birth.

She hasn’t yet disclosed her birthday. Because her birth date is uncertain, her zodiac sign is also unknown.

Right now, it is impossible to anticipate her personality based on her zodiac sign.

Ella French Husband

French and her spouse were married. Her husband’s name and line of work are not known, though.

They have a female child. She must have cherished her marriage as a result. Her passing might break her husband’s heart.

Ella French Newborn

A two-month-old baby girl was left behind by Ella. The police officer came back from maternity leave.

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She was never going to see her beautiful child again. Undoubtedly, the tiny child will miss her mother for the rest of her life.

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