Revisiting the cast of ‘Swiping America’: Where are they now? Who’s still together?

Max’s ‘Swiping America’ romance documentary series, created by Johnnie Ingram and Steve Warren, is one not to be missed. The reality show, starring four single New Yorkers, takes viewers on a cross-country quest in Season 1 as cast members search for love outside the home. Although the task was obviously difficult for our participants, they managed to select one person in particular for the last week of their modern fairy tale adventure. People are naturally interested in finding out which of these couples is still together, and that’s what we’re here to do!

Are Reagan and LJ still together?

We start off with none other than Lawrence “LJ” Witt and Reagan Baker, a couple who have garnered plenty of fans since they made their screen debut. We are optimistic that they are still together given their natural chemistry and open communication. In light of this, Reagan made the deliberate decision to inform LJ about Piper, something she hasn’t done often in her life, let alone on TV. Despite this, neither has publicly stated that they are in a relationship, and despite LJ following Reagan on Instagram, it doesn’t seem to be otherwise.

One piece of good news that Reagan proudly announced to the public is that one of the four main cast members recently got married, which definitely fueled the rumours. Currently, she runs an independent company called Reagan Baker Hair, as well as working as a stylist for ManeSpace. Since February 2018, LJ has worked for Código 1530 Tequila as the organization’s Sales Director for the West.

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Are Kris and Justin still together?

Though Krishnanand “Kris” Kelkar and Justin Matthew Speller’s on-screen adventure was brief, it featured many poignant moments. Although they both seem to have different perspectives on becoming parents in the future, their friendly interaction has inspired many to believe that this adorable couple could still be together. The chemistry between them appears to be cordial, despite neither having provided an official update on their relationship status.

After all, Justin didn’t hold back from praising Kris while promoting the series Max, and even changed Kris’s description of him on the show, “5’8 Beefy Nugget,” to be his Instagram bio. It’s interesting to note that both are involved in the tech community, with Kris serving as a Senior Data Scientist for Hinge. Justin works for Microsoft as a Product Marketing Manager for Xbox.

Are Kesun and Ryan still together?

Now let’s talk about Kesun Lee and Ryan, the couple who stayed together for much of the show and even had to go through a rough period to become people’s favorite duo. Although Kesun and Ryan have not provided an official update on the status of their relationship, their obvious love and devotion is undoubtedly a sign that the relationship can endure.

Actually, Ryan was delighted to accept Kesun’s sister Keewha Donaghy’s invitation to travel to North Carolina. Kesun currently thrives in her real estate profession and is connected to Bon New York. Her enthusiasm for her work is unmistakable, and the reality star has been candid about how much she enjoys the benefits of her line of work. Ryan may still be employed as a life coach in the interim, it seems.

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Are Ash and Jess still together?

Ashleigh “Ash” Warren and Jessica “Jess” Smith have successfully won the hearts of many audience members with a story that resembles a modern day fairy tale, despite the unexpected nature of their journey. Their followers hope they stay together despite the fact that neither of them has revealed information about the status of their relationship. This is mostly due to their obvious devotion to each other and how much Ash and Jess did for their relationship when they were on the show.

Ash has recently come under fire for what appears to be his exclusive preference for lighter-skinned people as potential partners on the show. She has passionately refuted this charge, emphasizing that the showrunners broadcast the matches on-screen and that skin color or ethnicity were not a big consideration when selecting her ideal partner. Ash currently writes for the owner and CEO of So Social Advertising.

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