Rowoon And Choi Yi-hyun To Appear In Upcoming Drama “The Battle Of Marriage”

Rowoon and Choi Yi-hyun were announced as the leads of Marriage Battle on July 5, 2023. This upcoming historical comedy drama is set in Joseon and follows the lives of two young widowers and widowers. These people are in charge of organizing the weddings of four outstanding and charming maidens who represent the essence of Joseon.

Choi Yi-hyun and Rowoon’s casting announcement has sparked excitement among K-drama lovers. They are looking forward to seeing the couple in the upcoming historical drama.

Rowoon will play the character of the widower Shim Jung-woo.

Rowoon will play the role of a widower equipped with various abilities. Shim Jung-woo is brilliant in school and has everything he wants in life, but he is down on his luck. He is also the youngest person in his community to pass the Civil Service Exam and is set to get married. Meanwhile, Choi Yi-hyun will play Jung Soon-deok, a widow who lives a secret life, hiding her true identity from society. During the night, she assumes the role of the daughter-in-law within the Bukchon family, set in the Joseon period. However, when the sun rises, she does a complete makeover, transforming into a staunch trader keen on trading.

Jung Soon-deok faces several obstacles as a widow during the Joseon Dynasty. She secretly studies martial arts and other physical disciplines, preparing to face danger on her own. She is considered an avid reader of love novels and a matchmaker in addition to her martial training. Jung Soon-deok meets Shim Jung-woo as the story progresses. They are responsible for marrying off the four most promising maidens to represent Joseon internationally.

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Hwang Seung-gi, known for his previous works Radio Romance and Into the Ring, will direct The Battle of Marriage, starring Choi Yi-hyun. The show’s script will be written by acclaimed screenwriter Ha Soo-jin, who is recognized for her successful ventures such as Sell Your Haunted House, Red Carpet, and others. K-drama fans are thrilled to see Rowoon and Choi Yi-hyun acting together in the drama and can’t wait to witness their chemistry.

More about Rowoon Choi and Choi Yi-hyun

Choi Yi-hyun, a South Korean actress, rose to fame after playing one of the main characters in the hit Netflix series All of Us Are Dead. Fans appreciated her performance in the zombie thriller. Other major dramas that she has appeared in include School 2021, Hospital Playlist (seasons 1 and 2), Less Than Evil, and My Country: The New Age. Choi Yi-hyun is expected to appear in the upcoming drama Summer Vacation: Vampire Chef, as well as the second season of All of Us, Are Dead.


Rowoon, on the other hand, is a K-pop idol who is a member of the K-pop band SF9. He has starred in various dramas and is well known among K-drama fans for his unusual script choices. Rowoon has been in several notable dramas, including Tomorrow, School 2017, she She she She she She She Would Never Know, Extraordinary You, The King’s Affection, and others.

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