Run Rabbit Run: setup and timeline explained

‘Run Rabbit’ Run’ is a horror thriller movie available on Netflix, and it was made by Daina Reid. Sarah Snook (‘Succession’) stars as Sarah, a skilled fertility specialist, in this film based on a screenplay by Hannah Kent. When her 7-year-old daughter Mia claims to have past life memories, Sarah’s life is turned upside down. Also, Mia’s accusations are directly related to Sarah’s past, triggering unpleasant memories. The film’s locations amplify Sarah’s feelings of fear and dread about her story, setting the stage for a psychological horror story to take place. Here’s all the information you need to know about the “Run Rabbit’ Run,” including when and where it takes place. Spoilers follow!

When and where does the Run Rabbit Run take place?

Run Rabbit Run follows Sarah, a single mother who shares a home with her 7-year-old daughter Mia. However, after her seventh birthday, Mia begins to display strange behavioral tendencies. Sarah learns that her daughter’s health is linked to her history as a result, and she fears for Mia’s safety. Since most of the movie takes place in the present, it’s safe to assume that the action will take place in the year 2023. The story has a lot to do with Sarah’s past, especially her relationship with her sister Alice, though there aren’t many deep flashbacks in the movie. By keeping the focus on the present, the film is able to effectively convey the fears brought on by Sarah’s current circumstances.

The film’s surroundings are crucial in creating the creepy, haunting and tense atmosphere necessary for viewers to lose themselves in this almost gothic folk horror story about a mother-daughter relationship that is interrupted by a series of bizarre events. Because of this, the creators combine two main settings to create this distinctive dark and dense atmosphere, which helps build tension and interest around the main characters’ backstories. The opening act of the film takes place in a suburban house where Sarah lives alone with her daughter Mia hers, who recently filed for divorce from her husband, Peter. South Australia is a state in Australia where these scenes take place.

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Although the house where Sarah and Mia reside is not specifically mentioned in the film, it is reasonable to assume that they reside near Waikerie in South Australia, where certain scenes in the film were filmed. Additionally, the film depicts the expansive environment of South Australia, which is highlighted by a series of low-lying mountain ranges. The cliffs and rugged landscape of South Australia were specifically chosen to create an environment that was meant to represent Sarah’s concerns about motherhood and alienation, according to screenwriter Hannah Kent, who also wrote the film’s screenplay.

The Riverland region along the Murray River in south-eastern Australia appears to be the setting for some scenes in the film, particularly when Sarah and Mia move into the former’s childhood home. These scenarios have a more dramatic meaning since the isolated residence contributes to the growing distance between mother and daughter. The tension between Sarah and Mia stems from their suburban surroundings in South Australia. It represents the carefully crafted reality that Sarah has decided for herself.

The gritty, rugged exteriors of Sarah’s childhood home, to which she returns after being removed from that safe environment, help portray the uneasiness of Sarah’s encounter with her tragic past. As a result, the settings of “Run Rabbit Run” have a great impact on the story and concepts of the film. Furthermore, by keeping the location of the main characters’ homes secret, the film increases its sense of fear and suspense because both the characters and the audience are never sure what to expect from the story’s changing and dramatic settings.

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