Stacy McCall: The Unsolved Disappearance That Haunts a Community

The city of Springfield, Missouri, is still engulfed in the mystery surrounding Stacy McCall’s disappearance.

The Springfield Three—Stacy, Suzanne Streeter, and Sherrill Levitt—went missing on June 7, 1992. They were three friends.

The matter has not been resolved despite the passing of more than three decades, leaving a hole in the hearts of their families and a lasting question mark over the city.

The circumstances surrounding Stacy’s abduction are both eerie and mysterious, turning an otherwise routine July night into a protracted investigation.

Let’s examine the case specifics and discover recent developments in the search for the Springfield Three.

SUZANNE STREETER, STACY McCALL, SHERRILL LEVITT: Missing from Springfield, MO – 7 June 1992 – Age 19, 18, 47

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What happened to Stacy McCall?

The Springfield Three mystery started on June 7, 1992, in Springfield, Missouri, with former classmates Stacy McCall and Suzanne “Suzie” Streeter.

1992 Suzanne Streeter, Stacy McCall & Sherrill Levitt went #MISSING from Levitt’s home in Springfield, #Missouri @TheAISOCC @americanmissing #Springfield3 @stltoday @KCStar @kfvsnews @FOX2now @KDNLABC30 @fox4kc @KCTV5 @columbiatribune @semissourian @Missourimissing

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Sherrill Levitt also disappeared without a trace from Levitt’s house along with Streeter’s mother.

Streeter and McCall were celebrating their recent graduation on the night of their disappearance.

37. Unsolved Missing Persons: The Springfield Three & DeOrr Kunz Jr.The disappearances of Suzanne Streeter, Stacy McCall, and Sherrill Levitt took place 30 years ago.As of two days ago, DeOrr Kunz Jr. has been missing for 7 years.

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They planned to spend the night at Streeter’s house, so they spent the evening attending several graduation parties.

Around 2:15 a.m. on June 7, the two girls were last observed.

1992 Suzanne Streeter, Stacy McCall & Sherrill Levitt went #Missing from Levitt’s home in Springfield, #Missouri #OnThisDay @TheAISOCC @americanmissing @stltoday @KCStar @KMOV #Springfield3 #ColdCase

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Authorities discovered the family dog, keys, cash, jewelry, personal things, and the women’s three automobiles inside the Springfield home when they arrived.

The only thing out of place in the house, aside from a broken porch light, was no indication of a battle. The entranceway was not locked.

Did they ever find the bodies of the Springfield Three?

Stacy McCall, Suzanne Streeter, and Sherrill Levitt are the Springfield Three, and their disappearance remains a mystery, distressing Springfield, Missouri.

The search for these missing women has lasted more than 30 years, despite thorough inquiry, but no progress has been made.

There is no information on their whereabouts or any physical remains.

When the FBI revealed they had new information regarding the case in 2007, there was a fleeting moment of hope.

Sadly, no one was arrested as a result, and the situation is still unclear.

The families of the Springfield Three continue to seek answers despite their hopelessness and ambiguity.

They cling to the notion that one day the mystery surrounding the disappearance will be solved, allowing them to finally find some solace.

Who is Robert Craig Cox?

The main suspect in the case is a convicted kidnapper and robber named Robert Craig Cox.

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Cox has a criminal record and was originally from the same place.

In Florida, Cox was found guilty of killing a lady, but the verdict was overturned on appeal.

Though he was never legally charged, he had previously been connected to the disappearance of another woman in another instance.

Cox, who is currently serving time for other offenses, has denied any participation in the disappearance of the Springfield Three.

Who are the parents of Stacy McCall?

Karen McCall, the mother of Stacy McCall, has been a vocal supporter of the search for the other missing women as well as her daughter.

She has acknowledged that the tragedy has had a severe impact on her family and that she has been unable to find solace in the absence of information about what happened to her daughter.

In order to help the family find closure, Karen has also urged anyone with information about the crime to come forward.

Harold McCall, Stacy’s father, passed away in 2019 and was unaware of what had happened to his daughter.

In order to keep his daughter’s case in the public eye, Harold zealously fought for her.

Springfield Three update 2023

There are no fresh leads in the investigation into the Springfield Three.

The family of the missing women continue to pray for justice and closure as the 31st anniversary of the Springfield Three disappearance draws near.

The Springfield Police Department has reaffirmed that the investigation is ongoing and that they are dedicated to getting to the bottom of the matter.

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Additionally, the case has been the focus of documentaries and podcasts, which has rekindled interest in the issue and produced fresh leads.

The Springfield Three will continue to be remembered and missed by their families and loved ones until this terrible case is resolved.

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