Survivor MOD APK (Menu/Experience multiplier) 1.8.4

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Survivor MOD APK (Menu/Experience multiplier) 1.8.4

Name Survivor APK
Publisher SEABIRD
Version 1.8.4
Size 88M
Category Role Playing
MOD Features Menu/Experience multiplier
Support Android 5.1+
Get it on Google Play


Introduce Survivor MOD APK

Vampire warriors will survive against thousands of enemies in Survivor He won’t fall easily with his special powers. The sources of energy that flow through the veins create superiority. Quickly advance all abilities over time. Easily send your enemies to hell without guilt. Anything that threatens him will pay dearly. That is a real war we are participating in. A battle that can decide the fate of people who do not belong to this world.

The term survival doesn’t just refer to wild expeditions in the wild. It also describes the pivotal moments you’ve been thrown into the wrong place. They must take every chance to survive by killing those around them. A genre that is not too new but has never lost its craze. The harder it is, the more it accelerates our desire to conquer something new. An intense desire to find something that will make you stronger. Desire to defeat them all and become the number one undefeated on a battlefield full of merciless flesh.

Survivor Warrior mod

Download Survivor mod apk – Absolute survival on the battlefield.

When the magic curse takes effect, the strongest warrior returns. Someone who doesn’t belong in heaven or hell. A man who knows only rage and is caught up in endless wars. That is the character that you will control to complete your mission. Bring your best weapons and learned spells. Enter territories where hundreds of enemies await. Kill them all and make the entire land clean. Satisfying two conditions is good movement and actual attack. Don’t get cornered because that’s self-harm. If you want to have growth, you need to challenge yourself constantly.

Stronger over time

Whether your character can maximize his advantage or not comes from skills. These skills are obtained based on the stage of the match. They can be combined or levelled up to the maximum to maximize their effects. You will have three different types of random skills each time you choose. It can help increase magic, damage or other protective abilities for yourself. Depending on the situation of the battle, you have the best combination for you. Explore unique yet highly effective combinations. Best for what you’re about to go through. Defeat anyone who dares to invade your ultimate territory.

Survivor Warrior mod free

Defeat mighty enemies

Bosses are the thing that makes every hero fear the most when it comes to it. Those are legendary creatures ready to send you quickly to the afterlife. They are large and lead hordes of minions to target you. Moreover, their important indicators are all superior. Even more so than you. If you let them touch it, it could be a great disaster. It is advisable to use clever magic and combine guerrilla attacks. Slowly drain the amount of HP the monster has. Then execute the beautiful finishing blows of a warrior. No matter what creature it is, it can’t scare us and let us down.

Survivor Warrior mod apk

Evolve and get stronger

Your evolution comes from the game’s skill tree. This skill tree contains the full potential that the hero can advance. But you will have to choose based on your number of upgrade points. Build in the direction of a warrior, assassin or legendary magician. Or it can be evenly all according to your wishes in Survivor mod apk.

How to Download & Install Survivor MOD APK (Menu/Experience multiplier) for Android

1. Please click Download button to select the MOD version you want at Click download and wait for the file to download to your device.3. Install and enjoy


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