The Madison Scott Enigma: The Mysterious Disappearance That Lurks

On May 28, 2011, Canadian woman Madison Scott disappeared after leaving a party at Hogsback Lake, which is 25 km southeast of Vanderhoof in British Columbia.

Madison Scott’s remains were discovered on an isolated farmhouse on the east side of Vanderhoof earlier that month, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) stated on May 29, 2023 that they had been positively identified as her remains.

Who was Madison Scott?

Eldon and Dawn Scott welcomed a daughter, Madison, as their third child, on April 29, 1991.

He joined siblings Georgia and Ben. He loved motocross, figure skating, equestrian sports, team sports, and hanging out with his friends, among other things.

Scott was apprenticed to his father, a heavy-duty mechanic, in the forestry industry.

She could look just as wonderful in a dress as she does in a jumpsuit, according to her brother.

Scott spent most of his youth in Vanderhoof, where he also attended Nechako Valley for his high school education, which he finished in 2009.

Maddy Scott got a tattoo on the inside of her left wrist before she disappeared.

Tattoo Madison Scott got a tattoo on the inside of her left wrist a month before she went missing.

Scott, a 20-year-old Caucasian female, was described as 5 feet 4 inches (163 cm) tall, weighing 160 to 180 pounds (73 to 82 kg), with green eyes and naturally red hair when she disappeared.

He has several piercings in his nose and ears. Scott has a bird tattoo on the inside of his left wrist.

Scott was noted for making decisions on the spot and for being vivacious, funny, and outgoing. She was praised for being caring, compassionate and generous.

Scott enjoyed making his own music videos to show his talent to his friends. Scott completed the school’s academic standards for him, though he focused primarily on extracurricular activities.

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What happened to Madison Scott?

On May 27, 2011, Scott and his friend Jordi Bolduc traveled to Hogsback Lake for a party in a white 1990 Ford F-150 pickup, but by nightfall Scott had gone to his tent and sleeping bag. Scott texted his dad to talk to him.

A fight broke out after midnight and Bolduc fled with his new partner after being injured. Scott allegedly declined Bolduc’s invitation after she extended it to him.

The next morning, around 8:30 am, Bolduc and her boyfriend returned to the camp to look for Bolduc’s things.

Bolduc noticed that Scott’s store was open and his belongings were off to the side. She insisted that she had not spoken to Scott and did not mention his absence.

The residence where Scott was last seen hosted a second party that night, on May 28, 2011.

An unidentified person who demolished Scott’s tent was eventually identified and questioned by the RCMP. However, no details about the suspect’s possible motives were made public.

RCMP investigates disappearance of Madison Scott from the scene

According to the RCMP, no signs of a struggle were discovered. The only things she left behind were the clothes she was wearing, an iPhone 4 in a light blue case and a sizable collection of keys, including Ford’s key on a gothic-style lanyard.

The area around Hogsback Lake was the subject of a thorough investigation. Hogsback Lake has clear water with visibility of at least ten feet.

it covers over 128 acres and is 22 feet deep at its deepest. Exactly 26 km southeast of Vanderhoof.

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The main components of glacial till are sand, gravel, and clay, with basalt making up the underlying bedrock.

Car window decal to raise awareness for the disappearance of Maddy Scott. a bumper sticker to raise awareness for the disappearance of Madison Scott.

Divers, cadaver dogs, boats, cars and trucks, as well as people on foot, on ATVs, on horseback, in a helicopter with a forward-looking infrared camera, and in many other vehicles have searched the area.

According to Dawn Scott, there was a significant search effort in the first few days after the disappearance, with teams walking in long lines hand in hand, checking in at 10 p.m., using dogs to search for bodies, and diving teams searching the lake.

The helicopter’s search employed far-sighted infrared because the ground was cold in the early hours.

The search region was approximately 2,788.16 km2 (an ellipse of 50 by 71 km), extending north-south toward Fort St. and east-west between Isle Pierre and Fraser Lake.

James and Paddock Lake, southwest of Sinkut Mountain. A portion of the search for the ship involved the use of side scan sonar.

Family and friends of Madison Scott put up posters and announced her abduction in the media.

Anyone who provided information leading to the capture of the criminals received a cash reward of $100,000.

Every year Scott’s friends and family host a poker game in his honor and memory.

The case has been featured in video blogs, a Crime Stoppers video and a 48 Hours segment. A documentary directed by Scottish director Steven F. Scouller also shares this.

RCMP Conclusion on the Madison Scott Case

During the RCMP investigation, nothing was discovered at the campsite that would have caused Scott to go off on his own, such as a flat tire.

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According to Vanderhoof Search and Rescue’s Rick Beatty, many searchers concluded that Scott must have escaped in a car after finding no evidence that she fled on foot.

The RCMP is investigating the disappearance of Madison Scott and believes dirty business was involved. After a while, according to Jordi Bolduc, he began to notice several new faces at the meeting.

The May 27 party was attended by everyone, according to police, and there is no evidence connecting any of the guests to Scott’s disappearance or to anyone who had a reason to hurt her.

People who were asked to take polygraph tests volunteered, according to police.

Although Scott’s case does not qualify to be added to the Highway of Tears database, some have theorized that it is related to the kidnapping and possible murder of indigenous women along the Highway 16 corridor.

the possible involvement of Fribjon Bjornson, a 28-year-old drug user and single father. In a 48-hour interview, Bolduc opened up about Scott and Bjornson’s social connection.

Police investigated Bjornson’s possible connection to Scott’s disappearance. However, they do not perceive any noticeable connection between the two instances, and neither do Scott’s relatives. Bjornson was shot dead in Nak’azdli in 2012.

New update on the Madison Scott case

On a rural property next to Hogsback Lake, Madison Scott’s remains were discovered in May 2023 and her identity established.

On June 3, 2023, a vigil was held at Nechako Valley High School.

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