The trap reached Italy but has already exploded in the US: the Childish Gambino video

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Money, good life, drugs, easy women, more money, party-party-party, more drugs and more money. Since trap exploded, these are the topics most covered by most new rappers. Obviously there are exceptions, both in Italy and in America, but this is the perception.

If you too have been overwhelmed by the new wave of “gyoung” music and want to understand it better, you can listen to Medusa Trio explain “elder trap” in the funniest way possible.

Childish Gambino, the stage name of 34-year-old Donald Glover, also known for his renowned talents as a comedian and screenwriter, took a beating in this imaginary black-all-money-and-good-life-made-in-USA rapper.

Gambino posted the video of this is americaa song that takes stock of the real condition of African Americans in today’s society.

The stark contrast between the dark, aggressive verses and the happy-go-lucky chorus restores the detachment between the actual experience of the black community and the idyllic portrayal that popular songs paint of it.


Before going into a brief analysis of the text, watch the video. Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful released this year, also awarded by the Italian public with the second position among YouTube trends.

In the video clip, Gambino dances happily in an environment full of chaos and violence. A way of underlining how trends in pop music -including trap music- serve to hide concerns about the violence that surrounds the black community (shootings, confrontations with the police, racism, prejudice, etc…) under a rug of apparent serenity.

The choirs imitate encourage always happy with the songs conventionalintended to maintain a façade of well-being.

We just want to partyParty just for youWe just want the moneyMoney just for youI know you want to partyParty just for meGirl you got me dancing

The gunshots mark the transition to the main body of text, which nods to the trap style and plunges listeners into a reality check:

This is America (woo, ayy) Don’t catch you slipping (woo, woo) Don’t catch you slipping (ayy, woah)

“This is America, don’t be caught off guard, look what I’m preparing for you”Gambino sings and then exposes the harsh reality:

Look how I’m living now Police going crazy now (woo) Yeah this is America (woo, ayy) Guns in my area (word, my area) I got the leash (ayy, ayy) Gotta wear ’em Yeah yeah I’m going in on this (ugh) Yeah yeah this is guerrilla (woo)

Look how I live today. The police are out of control. Yes, this is the United States. Guns in my area. I also have covers. i must have one

Next, the rapper reviews the main reiterated clichés in the media representation of blacks (many times fueled by blacks themselves).

I’m so fit (I’m so fit, woo) I’m in Gucci (I’m in Gucci) I’m so pretty (yeah, yeah) I’m gonna get it (ayy, I’m gonna get it) Watch me move (blaow)

i’m so well dressedall gucciI’m greatI’ll go look for themlook what moves

These rhymes emphasize the superficiality of the speeches that distract the masses from social problems: while there are guerrillas on the streets, according to some rappers it seems that the only concern is being well dressed.

Grandma told me take your money, black man (black man)

Grandma (meaning America) told meTake your money, black man

This refrain accompanies the entire song, underscoring how the entertainment industry encourages African-American entertainers to exclusively pursue money and success, even at the cost of “beautifying” their communities with empty and ignorant discourse.

For a more in-depth analysis, the interpretation of the text can be consulted in


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