The Walking Dead: Dead City Episode 5 – Finale Summary and Explanation

‘Stories We Tell Ourselves’, the fifth episode of AMC’s post-apocalyptic series ‘The Walking Dead: Dead City’, follows Maggie Greene’s efforts to locate her son Hershel after breaking into the Croatian’s building with the help of Tommaso, Amaia and the rest of their community. Before a disaster threatens the lives of Tommaso and his partner, Maggie discovers a shocking fact about him. Negan continues to be held at gunpoint by Perlie Armstrong. The Croat meets his unknown co-conspirator, who is not pleased to learn that the former failed to catch Negan. Here’s everything she needs to know about Hershel’s kidnapping, revealed in the shocking conclusion to the thrilling episode. Spoilers follow.

Summary of episode 5 of The Walking Dead: Dead City

Dead City Episode 5, “Stories We Tell Ourselves”, Maggie, Tommaso, Amaia, and Ginny continue their search for Hershel through a tunnel. Tommaso appears out of nowhere with two oxygen tanks and distributes them to the others as his adventure progresses. Maggie confronts Tommaso about why he has been lying to them after discovering that he carried the tanks in his backpack the whole time. She also questions how he is familiar with all the way inside the Croat’s lair. Tommaso struggles to answer convincingly, and when the others find out, they learn that he had made a deal with the Croat to bring his community members there.

After her operation, Maggie informs Amaia that she has the choice to go to the Hilltop rather than continue living with the traitor. Negan is still being held at gunpoint by Perlie, who intends to permanently apprehend the killer. Negan claims to have killed the magistrate and his other victims in retaliation for what they did to his wife Annie, and claims that the sheriff would have done the same if he had been in the officer’s position. Negan tries to run away alone when he realizes that Perlie won’t release him because he doesn’t want to leave anyone to a tortured death. He drags the quarterback to a school bus and uses a first aid kit to tend to his wound.

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The Croat informs the Lady that Negan eluded him and runs towards her. Although she is upset by the information, she offers the Croatian permission to track down Negan because it looks like he will be crucial to what they have been building. Maggie learns from Tommaso that the Croat gave her a boat to the mainland in exchange for taking his group to the latter’s cave. To live with Amaia safely, she betrayed her community. Tommaso and Amaia perish in battle against the undead when Maggie, Ginny, Tommaso, and a small group of walkers are attacked.

The Walking Dead: Dead City Episode 5 Finale: Is Maggie Lying? Why did the Croat really kidnap Hershel?

After Tommaso and Amaia pass away, Maggie and Ginny are the only remaining members of their group. The Hilltop leader explains to Maggie that he needs Ginny’s father figure to rescue Hershel, who has been kidnapped by the Croat in exchange for the Hilltop beans, and realizes that Ginny is upset with Maggie for separating her from Negan. Ginny looked in the community water tank while she was there, so she knows Maggie is lying about the Croat taking her child to the community resources. When Ginny examined the same, she discovered that the tank was full of grain, which is impossible if the Croat actually stole it like Maggie, Negan, and everyone else claim.

In truth, the Croat did not kidnap Hershel in exchange for a lifetime supply of grain that Maggie and her neighbors produced. The only thing the Croatian is looking for is Negan in exchange for returning Hershel to his mother. Maggie fears that if she tells Negan the whole truth, he won’t support her in using her son as a scapegoat. As a result, she concocts a story in which the Croat’s main target is the Hilltop pimples instead of Negan. Maggie must have reasoned that Negan wouldn’t be a lamb to her, but that she might risk her life to protect her child because it would be the least she could do after killing Glenn, who was her husband.

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Ever since she met Negan, Maggie has been betraying him by asking for help in locating Hershel. It is reasonable that she is giving more importance to the life of her son than to the murderer of her husband, despite the fact that she is a person of particular ideals. Maggie lost Glenn as a result of Negan, and she probably doesn’t want to lose her son in the same way. She therefore sets out to protect Hershel even if it means killing Negan in exchange for the life of his son.

Will Negan and Ginny reconnect?

Ginny must have recognized that Maggie is leading Negan to his doom the moment she saw the grain store on the Hilltop. She seemed to be risking her life to go to Manhattan alone for that reason. She is not afraid of the many walkers on the island as she attempts to rescue the life of her father figure. She uses a flare gun at the end of the episode to get Negan’s attention so she can tell him the truth about taking Hershel and Maggie hostage to stop the former leader of the Saviors from committing suicide.The Walking Dead season 5 episode 4,The Walking Dead season 5 episode 5,The Walking Dead season 5 episode 2,The Walking Dead season 5 episode 6,The Walking Dead season 5 episode 8,The Walking Dead season 5 episode 7,*The walking dead city episode 5

Negan is expected to discover the source of the light as he can see it. However, Maggie could prevent Negan and Ginny from ever getting in touch again, at least until she gets Hershel back from the Croat. If Ginny gets back together with her father figure, Negan could find out about Maggie’s fabrication and plan for her to use him as the Croat’s sacrificial lamb. He could stop helping Maggie in her search for Hershel and even try to hurt her for betraying him. These factors may lead Maggie to want to keep Ginny and Negan apart until she is reunited with Hershel. She could confine Ginny to a safe place while she and Negan search for Hershel.

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