TikTok star Tierra Allen arrested in Dubai for disorderly conduct

Tierra Allen, a TikToker, was recently jailed in Dubai after it was claimed she yelled at a car rental agent. The US Sun said the incident occurred in April 2023.

The social media star reportedly traveled to Dubai earlier this year when he allegedly yelled in public, according to the media site. She soon found herself in jail. To learn more about Tierra Allen’s arrest, she reads on.

Why was TikTok star Tierra Allen arrested in Dubai?

According to Stopped in Dubai, Tierra Allen, a former trucker turned TikTok influencer, and a friend were driving while on vacation in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, when their rental car was involved in an accident. Fortunately, neither of them was injured in the collision; however, the car was impounded and the TikTok celebrity’s personal belongings were taken.

Allen claimed that she went to get her things the next day and that the manager’s unpleasant and antagonistic behavior caused the incident to get out of hand. The manager soon followed Tierra out of the building and she ordered him to stop.

The manager then contacted the police and reported that the woman was screaming. Tierra admitted as much in a CNN interview: “I was very scared. I am surprised that she made me feel afraid, that I asked her to stop and now the police have informed me that I cannot go home.

“I told them I had a medical emergency and needed to return to the United States, but they wouldn’t let me,” the woman continued. Now that I know, the police can hold me for months while they decide whether to charge me, and if they do, I could end up in jail.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Tierra Allen’s current situation in Dubai

Radha Stirling, CEO of Detained in Dubai, is now helping Tierra Allen. On Sunday morning, Radha posted on Twitter about the current Tierra situation in Dubai.

“San Diego woman arrested in #Dubai for ‘screaming’ after being threatened by a car rental agent that she would not return her belongings,” Stirling wrote in a tweet. She was involved in a car accident as a passenger and now she can go to jail. Car rental companies frequently engage in extortion.

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In the tweet, Radha also referenced the fact that car dealers frequently seek out what they perceive to be “rich foreigners” to pressure them into paying cash to settle a case and avoid jail time.

Land in this situation could be one of the wealthy foreigners who are the focus of an extortion attempt. The hope, according to Stirling, is that whoever they think is a “rich foreigner” will give them money in exchange for dropping the case. He said that many agencies are engaged in these activities as a source of income.

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