Who Is Bijou Phillips? Is She A Scientologist? Explore His Career And Controversy

Is Bijou Phillips a Scientologist? Given her link to Danny Masterson is a well-known Scientologist. This subject has sparked many people’s attention. Here, we go into what we know about Phillips’ Scientology involvement and throw light on several crucial incidents that may give insights.

Bijou Phillips’s History

Bijou Phillips, an American actress and model, has kept her involvement with the Church of Scientology relatively quiet. While she has not officially acknowledged or disputed her participation, her links to well-known Scientologist Danny Masterson have fueled conjecture.

Relationship with Danny Masterson

Phillips started dating Danny Masterson in 2004 after meeting him at a poker event in Las Vegas. Masterson has a long history with Scientology, and their friendship has inextricably connected Phillips to the cult.

Participating in Scientology Events

While Bijou Phillips has not officially verified her Scientology status, her presence at many Scientology events with Masterson shows engagement or, at the very least, support.

Controversial Trial

Masterson’s year in the Controversial Trial 2023 was a turbulent one, as he was convicted of raping three women. The Church of Scientology’s part in seeking to suppress the victims was prominently featured in the trial. Bijou Phillips had a noticeable presence throughout the trial, especially when the guilty judgment was revealed.

Bijou’s Point of View on Scientology

Despite the upheaval surrounding Masterson’s case, Phillips expressed her confidence in Scientology’s good influence on her life in a 2022 interview, noting that it supported her in recovering and finding peace.

Bijou Phillips

Important to Consider Final Thoughts

Given the absence of formal confirmation, determining if Bijou Phillips is a Scientologist is difficult. Her intimate links to the organization, however, are clear via her association with Danny Masterson and her support of Scientology on many occasions.

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