Who Is Janet Protasiewicz? Supreme Court Judge: Wiki And Controversy Explore

Wisconsin’s political landscape changed dramatically in August 2023. Janet Protasiewicz, a Wisconsin Supreme Court judge, was appointed. This was the first time in 15 years that liberals had a majority on the Supreme Court. The next question on everyone’s mind was, “Who is Janet Protasiewicz?” Janet Protasiewicz’s name did not appear out of nowhere. This committed jurist comes from Milwaukee and has had a tremendous effect on the state’s political and legal sectors. Understanding Janet Protasiewicz as a person necessitates delving into her personal life, legal career, and the controversy surrounding her appointment.

Private Life

Janet Protasiewicz, born in Milwaukee in 1962, was raised Catholic under the tutelage of her mother and stepfather. She now lives in Franklin City with her husband, tax attorney Greg Sell. A look back finds a prior marriage to Patrick Madden, a well-known Wisconsin circuit judge.

Legal Profession

Janet’s legal path is distinguished by determination and fortitude. For 26 years, she worked as an assistant district attorney in Milwaukee County, championing the cause of crime victims. Her expertise in the subject was recognized, and she became an adjunct professor of law at Marquette University. Her career took another step forward in 2014 when she was elected to the Wisconsin Circuit Court, where she served for a remarkable nine years.

Political Controversy

Every brilliant career has its fair share of shadows. Janet’s selection to the Wisconsin Supreme Court sparked controversy. Republicans chastised her for her alleged liberal leanings, threatening impeachment. While the impeachment action was defeated, it did put a controversial light on her participation.

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Public Opinion

Perception is like a two-edged sword. Janet is quite popular with Democrats. Many people see her as a light of justice, praising her impartiality. However, not everyone praises her. Some Republicans accuse her of being too partisan, accusing her of simply rubberstamping liberal agendas.

Janet Protasiewicz


Janet Protasiewicz is an indisputably multifaceted character in the political and legal landscapes of Wisconsin. Her dedication to justice, paired with her remarkable legal track record, distinguishes her as a notable character. Her political stance, however, has made her a magnet for controversy. Wisconsin will be watching to see how her time on the Supreme Court develops.

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