Why dating a musician is not as easy as it seems

These performers are often beautiful because of the special element that we know is mysterious and attracts all women to them. Of course, there is also the reverse situation, but in most cases it is the girl who falls in love with a musician. Now we all know that there are two sides to every coin, so do musicians. So if you are dating a musician or close to dating one, here are some personality tips to know:

professional 1

You get to learn a lot about the world of music and explore some of the best songs that really move you.

against 1

It becomes too much to learn and you end up hating all those music lessons. Although they are free and sincere, it is exhausting if you are not as interested as they are.

professional 2

They are passionate and end up making every romantic moment special by playing an original song or performing a song that means something to you.

against 2

As much as you love the romantic essence, you want the words to be sentences and not always rhythmic lines. Sometimes a simple phrase without any change in tone is enough.

Pro 3.

They know how to cheer you up or make anyone happy. They find the best of the lyrics and rewrite them in a tone that you find very relaxing. Especially after a busy day at work, an exclusive song is quite relaxing.

against 3

As much as they perform some mood-changing songs, they take it for granted that they don’t need to try harder to make you happy. There are almost no surprises from any other format that leave you bored.

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professional 4

Backstage passes and VIP tickets to many live performances in the city. You end up being part of a bigger popularity chain.

against 4

Too much prominence, too many parties and events to attend that you end up having less time for me.

Pro 5.

You can make many of the girls around you jealous. The guy may not have impressive looks, but the moment you say that he is a musician/artist, he automatically becomes hot.

You’re afraid to leave his side for your own good, afraid that too many of the girls will jump on him, or worse, he’ll leave you for someone else.

Pro 6.

All your trips include house music, which makes it special and fascinating.

against 6

If he’s stuck, go help him. They become extremely moody and kill all the love you would have for them.

Since they are just like other artists, we suggest that you look for at least a few other qualities in your special guy to make life like the perfect musical that has the right kind of high and low keys.

Written by: Divya Patelkhana

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